Why Support Is Essential For ISVs

An Independent Software Vendor or ISV is any organization or software publisher that creates, develops, and distributes enterprise software to businesses or individual end-users through licensing agreements. An ISV company retains all intellectual property rights and ownership over its software.

Cloud-based management software is more in demand than ever before. Recent studies have shown that 50% of enterprises spend more than $1.2 million on cloud-based services annually. Specialized accounting and data migration niche software is also a major market need that ISVs continually address.

Constantly meeting these needs of the market and its trends requires full support. ISVs are expected to readily develop and distribute relevant software, and many ISV companies may not be able to churn out new products so swiftly without support from their app-building platform.

The Changing Landscape

Many ISV companies already have a hosting provider that helps them host and distribute their products. However, with changing technology industry and marketplace trends as well as constantly evolving consumer expectations, ISV companies may require the support of a hosting partner to distribute cloud-based products.

Furthermore, ISV companies may require additional support in terms of product development, scalability, and product error removal. That is where Planet Crust’s low-code solution steps in.

What Kind Of Support Do ISV Companies Need?

1) Speeding Up The Software-Development

The primary function of an ISV is to develop and distribute software to companies and end-consumers. While many ISV companies solely rely on their developer teams, a sudden demand surge for their products can tell them that their software development has to be swift and efficient. This swiftness can be achieved by using a low-code app building platform.

With support from their low-code platform provider to deal with source-code level bugs and application errors, ISVs can focus on building their core apps for their customers without the need to expend resources at the source-code level.

2) Scalability

ISV products have different implementations for different customers. With support from a low-code platform provider, ISVs can develop scalable enterprise applications that are easy to modify and maintain while the platform provider concentrates on developing and improving the platform.

API-enabled development platforms also give ISVs the freedom to create software that is compatible with the other software that their client uses while their platform provider ensures that their integration gateway makes all such connections possible.

3) Assistance With Error-Handling

Programs that are hand-coded are often subject to errors during application. Error-handling is hence a core operation of an ISV. However, while developing products at a large scale, error handling can become a tedious task. ISVs can then expect support from their platform provider in dealing with these bugs and errors.

4) Consolidated Advice And Resources From Experts

ISV companies usually partner with larger organizations such as Microsoft or Oracle to gain access to a large centralized data repository of expert advice and useful resources. ISV companies may be able to leverage the power of this partnership to leverage extremely useful tools that can significantly improve the quality of their existing applications and existing products.

ISV companies may benefit from accessing automation tools that can substantially reduce the length of the application development cycle by eliminating the need to type long lines of source code. This can also enable employees to work on higher-level, more intellectually stimulating business processes.

5) Combined Marketing and Promotional Channels

One of the most crucial factors for the success of any product is effective marketing and promotional activity. However, ISV companies may require the support of larger organizations to gain access to larger marketing platforms. Larger organizations may partner with an ISV and create joint marketing activities which can substantially improve the success of an ISV product.

Planet Crust: All The Support An ISV Needs

Low-code platforms can significantly reduce the software development costs for ISVs. Low code also minimizes the time it takes to develop or modify the software.

Planet Crust is an open-source, low-code platform that has all the tools to help ISV companies obtain the necessary support they require- including customer acquisition tools, promotional channels, and resources on public cloud-based platforms.

Planet Crust’s low-code platform is equipped with a cloud-ready architecture, inclusive design and accessibility, cloud-to-cloud federation, flexible data modeling, advanced graphic visualization and data reporting features, and role-based access controls. Try a demo so that your business can take advantage of the support that Planet Crust’s features can provide to ISV companies.

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