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What Is An Apache 2.0 License and Why Does It Matter To Your Business?

Open-source software development refers to the development of software and source code that users can openly access, modify and redistribute as they see fit. Open-source development can have a wide variety of extremely transformative advantages that can ultimately accelerate digital transformation and innovation. These include increased flexibility, speed and agility, reduced maintenance costs, improved security […]

Top Business Process Automation Tools For Your Business and Why You Need Them

As current business landscape continues to become more and more complex, it can be extremely difficult to keep track of various complex business processes using traditional methods. Manual business processes can be extremely time-consuming and repetitive. Therefore, this could potentially cause unforeseen delays and bottlenecks in organizational operations. Business process automation is defined as the […]

What Is Process Mining and Why Does It Matter To Your Organization?

With rapid changes in our current business landscape, modern businesses are constantly looking for new ways to optimize and improve various business processes. One of the most effective and efficient ways to improve existing business processes is through process mining. Process mining refers to a subsect of business process management that involves capturing, analyzing and […]

What Is Low-Code Security Automation?

Recent developments in digital technology have not only resulted in more efficient and productive business processes but have also resulted in a proportional increase in security and encryption threats and vulnerabilities. However, as security threats and risks continue to become more and more sophisticated, it can become extremely expensive for modern businesses to implement numerous […]

How To Build Low-Code Apps and Workflows That Are Right For Your Business

Low-code is defined as a visual approach to software development that enables citizen developers with little to no traditional coding experience to build powerful, high-functioning enterprise applications. Citizen development can enable your business to democratize application development, reduce the risk of shadow IT, facilitate scalable long-term organizational growth and much more Low-code platforms can enable […]

5 Ways NGOs Are Leveraging Low-Code To Do More

While powerful digital technology, data analysis and enterprise application development platforms are now more advanced than ever before, they can still be inaccessible for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) with limited resources to accelerate productivity. However, low-code platforms can help NGOs leverage the power of available technology without utilizing large amounts of financial or human resources. Low-code […]

5 Ways Low-Code Can Help Digital Transformation Managers Achieve Their Goals Faster

Recent technological advancements have resulted in an increasing need for digital transformation in various types of organizations across all industries. Digital transformation is crucial for increasing customer satisfaction levels, driving data-driven decision-making processes, improving user interfaces and experiences, improving interdepartmental collaboration and much more. However, digital transformation managers may find it difficult to develop enterprise […]

How To Use Low-Code To Build The CRM You Need

Low-code is defined as a visual approach to software and enterprise application development that enable citizen developers with little to no traditional coding experience to build powerful, high-functioning tools. Low-code can facilitate more efficient and effective development processes by providing users with graphical user interfaces, drag-and-drop tools, visual editors and much more. CRM (Customer Relationship […]

5 Market Challenges Financial Companies Face and How To Use Low-Code To Overcome Them

As our current business landscape continues to become more and more volatile and unpredictable, many financial companies and institutions are beginning to face various market challenges that could potentially jeopardize customer relationships, productivity and profitability. Furthermore, rapid advancements in available technology have resulted in great difficulty handling enterprise applications, large amounts of organizational data and […]

5 Retail Supply Chain Challenges and How To Use Low-Code To Overcome Them

In recent years, many businesses across numerous different industries have faced prevailing retail supply chain issues. Evolving consumer expectations and market trends have made retail supply chains more unpredictable than ever before. However, these challenges can result in a loss of efficiency, productivity and ultimate profitability for modern businesses. Therefore, businesses must recognize the value […]