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What is intelligent business process automation?

With constant evolutions in automation and digital technology, many modern businesses are now concentrating on various strategies to facilitate digital transformation. These technological advancements include the implementation and integration of automation in the workplace. Studies have shown that over 80% of business leaders reported that they are currently speeding up work processes automation. Automation has […]

What are the three steps of low-code app development?

Gone are the days when traditional coding was the be-all and end-all of app development. Today, with low-code, anyone can build apps from scratch with just a little coding knowledge. Low-code is a visual app development technology that uses pre-built modules and drag-and-drop editors to facilitate app development. Low-code reduces the time it takes to […]

How To Solve Technical Debt?

Technical debt: Part 3 One of the most in-demand commodities today is software. Both businesses and end-consumers seek advanced platforms that can make their lives easier by carrying out various processes. Software vendors and SaaS providers hence are always in a rush to deliver their products on time. Sometimes, in order to deliver the product […]

How To Avoid Technical Debt

Technical debt: Part 2 Technical debt is any code written for a product or functionality that is set to require rework and modification in the future. It happens because development teams are forced to expedite deployment owing to strict deadlines and a shortage of resources. A widespread occurrence in the software development industry, technical debt […]

What Is Technical Debt?

Technical debt: Part 1 Software development is all the rage today. No wonder the demand for software developers is projected to increase by 20% to 25% in the years to come. The past few years have actually made technological innovation a survival issue more than an efficiency issue. Companies in every sector are transforming and […]

Why Is Open-Source The Right Choice For Software Vendors?

Open-source software is defined as any computer software that enables individual end-users to freely utilize, modify and redistribute its source code. As open-source technology continues to evolve rapidly, many businesses are beginning to adopt the use of open-source platforms in day-to-day business functions. According to Red Hat, 75% of IT leaders stated that open-source software […]

What Are The Steps Of Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is defined as the process of adopting and integrating digital technology into numerous different business functions of an organization to meet industry trends, market changes, and evolving customer expectations. One of the key factors for the success of any modern organization is constant and consistent digital transformation. Studies have shown that the digital […]

Why Support Is Essential For ISVs

An Independent Software Vendor or ISV is any organization or software publisher that creates, develops, and distributes enterprise software to businesses or individual end-users through licensing agreements. An ISV company retains all intellectual property rights and ownership over its software. Cloud-based management software is more in demand than ever before. Recent studies have shown that […]

Why Do People Contribute to Open-Source Projects?

An open-source project is software that anyone is free to use, modify, study, and distribute. The copyright owner of an open-source project grants the public free, all-purpose access to the source code. Open-source project development is the future. For the users, open-source is a blessing since it is free to use, safer and time-effective. However, […]