What Does an ISV Do?

An Independent Software Vendor (ISV) is defined as any organization or enterprise software publisher that exclusively specializes in creating and distributing software that runs on a minimum of one hardware or operating system to enterprises or individuals through commercially licensed agreements.

However, the ISV retains all property and intellectual rights to the enterprise software. These commercial licenses can either be user subscription-focused or time interval-based.

What Does An ISV Do?

1) Create and Distribute Software Solutions

ISV companies create and distribute a wide variety of different types of software that are made to run on at least one computer hardware network or operating system. ISV companies also frequently collaborate with larger hardware, software and cloud-computing companies such as Microsoft, Apple and IBM to garner the necessary financial, technical and promotional support to maximize organizational digital transformation.

2) Consolidate Software From Other Solution Providers

In addition to providing the required financial, technical and promotional support that ISV companies require to facilitate digital transformation and innovation, larger hardware, software, and cloud-computing companies such as Apple, IBM and Microsoft allow ISV companies to take advantage of more advanced technology to increase the quality of their solutions.

Therefore, ISV companies also consolidate and embed more advanced digital software from other larger solution providers into their own solutions.

3) Distribute Solutions Through Cloud Computing

Overall revenue from the public cloud sector is expected to reach a value of $331 billion by the year 2022. Therefore, as the usage of cloud-based infrastructure continues to increase exponentially, many ISV companies are beginning to utilize the cloud to deliver products and solutions to organizations and end-users through SAAS (Software As A Service) distribution models.

Furthermore, ISV companies may also distribute their products through public cloud marketplaces, making it significantly more convenient for end-users to utilize their solutions.


4) Satisfying Specialized Niche Software Requirements

Although many ISV companies create a wide variety of solutions for multiple different types of business functions such as marketing, human resources, product development, and much more, most of ISV companies create software to satisfy identified specialized niche software requirements such as accounting or data migration.

Furthermore, these specialized niche requirements are usually for business functions that the larger ISV partner does not currently offer products for.

Planet Crust – The Perfect ISV For Your Business

Planet Crust is the perfect ISV for organizations or individual end-users. ISV companies create and distribute software, consolidate software from various other software providers, distribute software through the cloud and satisfy specialized niche software requirements.

Planet Crust’s low-code, open-source solutions are equipped with a wide variety of extremely powerful features such as visual editors, drag-and-drop builders, end-to-end automation engine, workflow builder, advanced data reporting tools and much more. Try a demo so that your business can take advantage of commercially licensing software with an ISV.

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