What Is The Advantage Of Cloud-Running Software?

Cloud computing is a technology through which users can access computing resources, including applications, databases, servers, networking channels, and more via the internet. A cloud-running software allows you to use its tools and services online.

It retains all your data on servers owned by internet companies rather than your own device. It hence allows you to access that data from any other internet-enabled device in the world.

While cloud computing has been a part of the digital landscape for over twenty years, its popularity has increased exponentially in the past few years. In 2020, the total cloud market was worth over 371 billion US Dollars with a CAGR of 17.5%. According to Cisco, over 94% of all workloads in 2021 will be processed by cloud data centers.

The surge in demand for cloud services can be attributed to the number of benefits cloud technology provides its users. From universal accessibility to data protection, the most salient advantages of cloud-based software are listed below.

Advantages of Cloud-Running Software

Efficiency And Reduced Costs

Cloud-ready software increases the accessibility of applications, making them available to all internet-connected devices. This allows users to develop, modify and edit on the cloud, enabling them to get their applications into the market swiftly.

Cloud computing also helps organizations save on costs of devices and servers they would otherwise need for data storage. Most cloud service providers have a utility-based payment structure. This means organizations have to pay only for the resources they use.


Another important benefit of using cloud-running software is security. When your data is saved on a server rather than a device, it becomes less vulnerable to loss due to hardware failure. If you store data locally on a device, the loss of the device could mean the permanent loss of data.

Cloud hosts also regularly observe and ensure security giving users an extra layer of protection. According to Rapidscale, 94% of businesses witnessed an improvement in security after switching to cloud computing.


Virtual collaboration is the need of the hour in today’s digital world. Various MNCs have teams with representatives operating in various countries. Cloud-based applications make collaboration easy. Since cloud-running software can be accessed from anywhere globally, the collaborators can work together on a live project from different parts of the globe.

Planet Crust CRM: Cloud-Friendly Low-Code Based Platform

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Planet Crust can help you unify your data, manage your business and transform your business into a high-functioning, leading-edge version of itself. Try a demo of the versatile low-code software to get a first-hand experience of transformation and modernity.

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