What Are ISV Companies?

As our modern business landscape continues to become more digital-software focused, the presence of Independent Software Vendors (ISV) is becoming more and more prevalent. An ISV is defined as a company or software publisher that specializes in the creation and distribution of software by licensing agreements with organizations and individual users. However, the ISV retains ownership of all licensed property.

The ISV industry is expected to reach a market value of approximately $408.15 million by 2026. Large organizations such as Microsoft, Apple, IBM, Google, and Oracle that create these platforms provide support and encouragement to ISV companies through specialized ISV partnership programs.

How Do ISVs Work?

Independent Software Vendors typically create and build software as a commercially available product with the intention of selling it to organizations, individuals, or ISV partners through commercial license agreements. These commercial licensing agreements can either be through one-time licenses or time interval-based subscription plans.

An ISV will usually sell enterprise or consumer-targeted software to end-users while still retaining ownership and property rights.


What Does Being ISV Certified Mean?

Before you or your organization decides to license, utilize and implement the use of an ISV, you must first check if it is compatible with your existing hardware, cloud-storage systems, operating systems. Therefore, an ISV certification from a particular company indicates that a particular hardware organization is compatible and implementable with the most relevant software offered by their company.

Therefore, an ISV certification can help ensure customers that a particular organization offers trustworthy hardware.

What Is An ISV Partner?

An ISV partner is permitted to sell its commercially available software on hardware and cloud solutions marketplaces. As ISV companies continue to grow in terms of business development and overall scale, it can be extremely difficult to manage growth. Therefore, many ISV companies utilize ISV partners to help them manage commercial revenue and long-term business growth.

These partnerships can help ISV companies receive the required technical and promotional support that they may require to create, develop and deploy their software and solutions.

ISV partnerships have a wide variety of advantages that organizations can take advantage of such as driving technological innovation, expanding product and solution ranges, improving customer relationships, satisfying customer expectations, and increasing overall long-term organizational revenue.

Planet Crust – A Trusted Independent Software Vendor

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