How Do You Engage a Customer?

Every successful business owner should know that the key ingredient to an organization’s growth and survival is customer engagement. Studies have shown that fully engaged customers represent a 23% increase in share value in terms of profitability, revenue, and growth of relationships.

Customer engagement is any interaction between a consumer and an organization while using a variety of different channels. Therefore, it is vital to engage with your current and prospective customers efficiently.

To engage a customer, you must have a detailed and comprehensive customer engagement strategy and plan. A customer engagement strategy can help foster organizational growth and encourage customer loyalty.

Four methods you can use to engage customers

1) Build emotional connections

By conducting a market analysis, you can find out exactly what your target audience connects with and focus on these particular strategies to increase customer loyalty. Creating emotional connections with customers has proved to be one of the most effective ways of increasing customer engagement. Your business can do this by sending customized direct messages to customers and using team members’ images when communicating with them. Customers always prefer personalized conversations in favour of generic brand interactions.

Using customer relationship management software is an excellent way to maintain a personable relationship with your clients. Constant follow-ups and instant service support mechanisms can enhance the quality of perception that the customers hold towards your company.

2) Establish an Online Community

Building online communities and forums on social media platforms allow your business’s customers to ask pertinent questions, have relevant discussions, and share information. A community forum can also enable customers to answer each other’s questions. Studies have shown that having an online community decreases the burden of engagement by 44%.

Forums can be extremely helpful in tracking your customer’s issues with products and services. An example is to use an “upvote” system, which allows you to see how many people share the same issue. This can provide your customers with the opportunity to not only engage with your business but also to engage with each other.

3) Exclusive Content

One of the most effective ways of increasing customer engagement is by offering customers exclusive content and offers if they sign up for a newsletter or purchase a paid membership. These benefits can be provided through an email newsletter or even through your blog. Therefore, email newsletters can help you provide exclusive coupons and even remind your customers about new deals, products, or services.

Crust’s workflow builder can help you automate these informative emails and newsletters and schedule feedback calls. This enables your customers to receive regular communication from your side. So, this helps to develop a continuous association between you and your customers and improve your client network’s quality.

4. Rewards and Inclusivity

Celebrating your business’s milestones with your customers, such as a product anniversary, can help your consumers feel as if they are part of the team. You could also achieve this by offering customers exclusive rewards based on their relationship with your business. This strategy can help your business extend a token of gratitude towards your loyal customers for their support. Thanks to this they can encourage other customers to continue supporting your business. 61% of consumers said that gifts and offers were the best way to engage customers.

You can use the 360-degree insight that Planet Crust’s CRM offers into customer interaction. This helps you plan rewards and promotions according to your personal history with a client. As a result, you can give them a unique and exclusive experience and encourage them to engage with the organisation more actively.

Planet Crust brings the customer engagement strategy to a new level

Planet Crust’s customizable, open-source CRM  can help your business provide a well-designed customer experience to increase customer engagement. The CRM solution by Planet Crust offers tools that help in building emotional connections with consumers, establishing online communities and forums and offering exclusive content. So, you can make them feel a part of your organization’s team.

Get started for free today to find out how Planet Crust’s CRM can help you better engage with your customers.

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