Why is Employee Onboarding So Important?

Most companies often underestimate the importance of onboarding while hiring employees. In fact, 70% of the companies have a partial or no employee onboarding process, which leads the new employees to be anxious, less productive, and disconnected from working with the team. The onboarding process is a challenging factor for every organization to overcome.

Has your company improved the standard of the onboarding process, or is it still troubled with a tedious working structure? If not, your organization needs some help from CRM and low-code platforms.

What is Employee Onboarding?

Onboarding is the process of hiring new employees into companies. The onboarding processes continue from induction to the employee training and development programs. The onboarding process is critical, right from day one. While the employee finds it tough to understand the company structure, the management has to explain to the employee about their roles and assign tasks to them. In cases of mass onboarding, the process becomes more tedious. However, the more difficult it seems, the more essential it is. Employee onboarding is so important as it marks the first impression of the organization. It decides the talent retention and employee churn. Thus, it requires an equal amount of attention.

How Can CRM Help in Employee Onboarding?

The CRM software stores the contact data which helps in better interaction with the customers. In a CRM, you can store all information identified with a lead, record, or opportunity in a coordinated way. CRM suite helps you manage customer data and makes your business more effective than ever. But your company CRM is more useful than you think.

The onboarding process requires interdepartmental cooperation and flexible visibility across departments. Thus, a CRM  can help in carrying this out. The CRM provide a 360-degree overview of the company, thus enhancing the visibility and transparency for new employees.

The CRM software helps them understand and handle the company’s database, information, and accounting in a short period. This allows new employees to take up responsibility for the customer and leads without causing any delay in the regular operations. Moreover, with the CRM, you can decide and disperse the exact amount of information and training you need your employees to gain.

How Can Low-Code Assist Employee Onboarding?

Low-code development helps the companies design and build an application with little to no code, rather than the traditional coding methodology. Using low-code applications, companies can develop customized applications that can help streamline the onboarding process. With custom business apps, you can create organization-friendly applications that can help your new employees join in seamlessly.

Why Should You Choose Planet Crust for Your Business?

Employee onboarding can make or break your organization. Get it right in the first chance with Planet Crust’s CRM Suite. Get our tools to help you with a stellar employee onboarding process. So, are you still waiting? Join us to boost your onboarding process with success!

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