Why Choose Rapid Application Development?

Imagine a simple scenario. Your client approves the process and timeline for a particular project. Your team is halfway through the project, and suddenly the client has some change in plans! All your efforts go in vain, and you need to start from scratch. A massive blow, isn’t it?

But when it comes to software development, Rapid Application Development (RAD) comes to the rescue. Often the changing business demands and fluctuating market structure enforces to make changes in the architecture of the software. Let’s see how development models that are more effective and flexible like RAD come in handy.

What is Rapid Application Development?

A progressive development model like RAD was introduced due to the drawback of the regressive traditional development models like the Waterfall Development Model. Once things enter into the testing phase of the Waterfall Model, it becomes difficult to alter the features and other functions. In this demanding world, where the application development platform should be at a place or be ready to be installed at the earliest, and thus, RAD is the most profitable choice for you. In fact, with low-code application development platforms, all the hassles of creating business apps have been reduced to zero.

Benefits of Rapid Application Development

  1. Instant and Consistent User Feedback

    Often, constant feedback from the user is extremely important for agile software development. This feedback helps to direct the model accordingly and make it appropriate for the customer’s needs. So when you’re running on strict deadlines, opting for RAD can save you from unwanted bottlenecks during the planning, testing, and design phase. You can deliver changes to the software quickly.

  2. Provides Simpler Adaptability

    You get the freedom to do anything with your software once you’re using RAD along with it. Owing to its flexibility, you can alter the entire system, create new elements, perform various iterations, and much more. Building custom business apps becomes exceptionally smooth with the rapid application development model.

  3. Generates Productive Code With Ease

    With RAD, you can build your own business apps without the knowledge of programming or technology. Alternatively, the developer team can productively create the right prototype or project without burning the midnight oil in writing lengthy codes. Hence, you get to save a lot of time and resources when compared to traditional development methodologies.

  4. Segregates Components Readily

    Every component associated with RAD functions independently and you can modify it as per the requirements of the business app creator with ease. This not only reduces the extra efforts needed to modify the system as the software evolves, but also saves you from unnecessary expenditure.

Open-source Low-code Platform for Your Organization

Rapid application development is the need of the hour for businesses that wish to scale fast and grow consistently. If you are looking for a digital transformation solution that can help you build software online and deploy them in no time, you are in the right place.

Join hands with Crust and develop your application at lightning speed. The Crust low-code development platform makes the entire process of development smoother and provides ready-to-use applications, such as a complete CRM and Service Solution. Try it out yourself!

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