Which CRM Is The Cheapest?

Managing funds is an extremely important aspect of achieving operational success for any business, especially small businesses with already scarce financial resources.

Furthermore, a CRM platform is a necessary tool that any business can leverage to keep track of client relationships and organizational data. Recent studies have shown that the average return on investment for CRM is $8.71 for every dollar spent.

Therefore, it is crucial for businesses to find high functioning yet affordable CRM platforms to keep track of organizational data and information. Corteza by Planet Crust is a customer relationship management software that you can self-host absolutely free of cost.

Unique Features of Corteza CRM

1) Reporting Tools

Corteza is equipped with powerful data reporting tools that can help businesses create, analyze and modify data reports. Reports can be created from data from numerous different data sources, including cloud-based central data repositories. Corteza can allow users to create reports that contain key performance indicators, metrics, charts, tables, and text that can help your business obtain valuable insight that can facilitate effective and accurate decision-making.

2) Satisfactory User Interface

Many businesses usually sacrifice efficient and satisfactory user interfaces when utilizing free open-source CRM platforms. However, the user interface of Corteza’s software solutions is extremely user-friendly, which not only allows users to navigate the platform with extreme ease but also enables businesses to access and analyze organizational data faster than ever before.

Furthermore, Corteza is equipped with an intuitive drag-and-drop builder that can enable citizen developers to create and deploy high functioning, custom enterprise applications.

3) Communication Channels

Research indicates that employee productivity increases by up to 25% in organizational environments where employees are well connected. Therefore, Corteza’s communication tools ensure that employees are well connected which can not only improve overall efficiency and productivity but can also foster opportunities for cross-departmental collaboration and integration.

4) Unified Workspaces

Corteza can help your organization establish a unified digital workplace to help employees access and run third-party enterprise applications. This will allow you to regulate who has access to sensitive customer data and personal details and can also significantly improve data accessibility which will hence improve employees’ ability to address customer needs accurately.

Corteza – The Digital Work Platform for Humanity

Corteza, Planet Crust’s digital work platform, offers a low-code, open-source CRM solution that is more affordable than most available CRM platforms currently available in the market and has numerous advanced, unique features.

Planet Crust’s CRM software solutions are equipped with powerful reporting tools, an exceptional user experience and interface, open messaging and communication channels, and unified workspaces.

Your business can self-host the CRM software solutions without any costs. However, even if your business chooses to host on the CRM, it is still significantly cheaper than that of most comparable CRM tools currently available. Get a free trial so that your business can take advantage of the multitude of benefits of Corteza, the cheapest and most powerful CRM platform.

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