Which Companies Use CRM Software?

In a world where technology answers most problems, there is no doubt about the fact that businesses are looking for IT solutions to the problems they face while handling their customer relationships. A few delayed responses and one can see a considerable dip in the customer retention index. Customer relationships continue to be sensitive, and companies have been trying to enhance their customer experience in their own ways. No wonder, the fastest-growing software industry – CRM, is the resolution for all these bottlenecks.

Applications of CRM in Industries and Companies

Amongst all the various small and large businesses that use company CRMs, each company has a specific use case for itself. While the primary reason is to store and manage the customer data, the diversity arises when we look deep into the industry requirements for each company. Here are a few examples of the companies that use a CRM and what do they look for in it:


CRM in healthcare is one of the most vital and common applications to find. Healthcare professionals and facilities need healthcare software that ensures smooth functioning and a seamless customer experience for patients or users. What is more important is the fact that medical CRM can help not only hospitals but also insurance agents and medical research scientists to carry out their work.


While most businesses rely on good customer experience to ensure the best results, e-commerce businesses have to be extra cautious about this. In e-commerce, customer satisfaction plays a crucial role. Be it simply buying/returning an order, or responding to the customer’s queries on refund, there are frequent customer interactions wherein CRM software plays a pivotal role. Not just that, businesses need customer tracking software to escalate their lead generation & conversion process and monitor the customer lifecycle as well.

Legal/Consulting Firms

Information-intensive companies, professions, and firms often utilize a software solution to get rid of the manual and iterative processes. It is jolting to find out how the legal practitioners and consultants spend hours on pen-an-paper tasks which could be easily automated. The answer stands in moving to a CRM, saving up time, resources, and operational costs altogether.

Financial Services

While there are loads of sensitive data to be managed, there are immensely critical services to be carried out in the financial services sector. Hence, a CRM for finance is extremely valuable for most banking agencies, organizations, insurance agents, and brokers. Another aspect that financial companies look for in a CRM is that it ensures secure transfer and sharing of data and information.

Own Your CRM, Own Your Customers

We know that there’s no one-size-fits-all when using a CRM. You have your own needs and requirements. To meet them, the free and open-source CRM Suite from Crust is ideal, because it’s built with the powerful Crust Low-Code Platform. So, adjusting it to your needs is fast and easy.

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