What is the Future of the Healthcare Industry?

When we talk about the future, we not only anticipate a huge change in the way patients are to experience healthcare but also in the way the doctors deliver care. The fact that we come across terms like telemedicine or big data in healthcare today is enough to justify the role technology would have to play in the future of the IT healthcare industry.

With the deteriorating lifestyles and the growing health concerns of human beings, it is evident that technology is the most powerful driver of change and innovation in the healthcare sector. A McKinsey report on the overview of the healthcare industry suggests the creation of more than $350 billion by 2025. Let’s find out how technology is all set to switch the healthcare landscape.

Technology in Healthcare

  • The healthcare industry runs on the fuel of research. Emerging technologies are catalysts for the treatment of hazardous diseases and novel infections. Artificial Intelligence, combined with Natural Language Processing abilities, is proving to be significant breakthroughs in the detection and treatment of diseases.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are transforming the way solutions for healthcare workers. Visualizing and understanding patient conditions from anywhere in the world have become so easy and enhanced.
  • Remote healthcare is the need of the hour. Healthcare software can ensure remote assistance and tracking of chronic diseases, thus, guaranteeing long-term wellness.


  • In recent times, solutions for healthcare have been focused on customer experience, owing to the massive importance of customer support during healthcare engagements. With an effective hospital CRM, you can ensure a smooth and empathetic experience for your customers throughout all activities.
  • Collecting, managing, and storing patient data has always been an uphill task. With a reliable healthcare CRM solution, customer data can be integrated seamlessly into EHRs and telemedicine for real-time monitoring and patient care. The major highlight here lies in the fact that software for the healthcare industry can help in managing all the sensitive patient data in a secure and hassle-free way.
  • Accessibility and rising costs are two of the major concerns for patients as well as healthcare workers. But the future holds the potential for the Internet of Things (IoT). Equipment, patients, and staff can be tracked and managed on a single health portal. You can make quality care available at cheaper costs with the help of smart patient management systems.

Open-Source CRM for Healthcare

Adopting software solutions for healthcare does not have to be expensive and cumbersome. At Crust, we strongly believe in creating a better future for our customers. Crust CRM Suite is free, without limits. Built with state-of-the-art features, the Crust CRM Suite ensures a highly secure environment for your patient data. Additionally, it provides a seamless customer experience for pharmaceutical engagements. So, try your own Crust CRM Suite today!

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