What is the best open-source CRM for enterprises?

There is a wide arrange of open-source CRMs on the market. Some are forks of old SugarCRM versions, while others are built on new technologies. So the question arises about what the best open-source CRM is.

Crust to participate in the OpenExpo event: “Discover the best open-source CRM for enterprises.”

To help enterprises figure out what the best open-source CRM is, OpenExpo Europe has organised the online event: “CRM DAY 2020”. The Crust CRM Suite is one of the solutions you will see in action at the event. Additionally, Crust Technology will participate in the round-table at the end of the event.

OpenExpo Europe is the leading Enterprise IT Innovation, Digital Transformation and Open Source Community & Summit in Europe. They aim to spread, present, discover and evaluate open-source solutions and trends. The OpenExpo fair is currently the largest congress and professional fair on IT innovation in Europe.

Crust is excited to participate at OpenExpo’s upcoming event. Firstly, because the event’s topic perfectly aligns with what Crust offers. Secondly, we see it as a recognition of our work to be the leading open-source CRM. And thirdly, because we will be able to reach enterprises that didn’t check out open-source CRM solutions before.

Why should you sign up to the demo of Crust?

Crust is the free and open-source low-code platform and Salesforce alternative. Besides the advanced low-code platform for rapid application development, Crust includes a fully-featured CRM, Service Solution, Enterprise Messaging, Crust Unify for application management, and End-to-End Business Automation. All 100% free, open and completely standardised.

In the demo, we will show how the Crust CRM Suite works. Additionally, we will show how easy it to customise it or create entirely new modules. You will also learn about how we compare to other CRMs, such as Salesforce.

How to sign up for OpenExpo CRM DAY 2020?

Signing up for OpenExpo’s CRM event is, just as downloading and using Crust, free! The event will take place online on Thursday, September the 24, from 16:00 until 18:30 CET. It’s targeted at a Spanish speaking audience, which means that the primary language at the event is Spanish.


Alternative to Attending the Event

While we hope to see you at the event, we understand that not everyone can join. So, if you have other commitments on the 24th, or if you don’t speak Spanish, you can sign up for the online CRM demo and try out Crust yourself. Alternatively, you can contact us and request a personalised demo.

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