What is the best open-source CRM for enterprises?

There is a wide arrange of open-source CRMs on the market. Some are forks of old SugarCRM versions, while others are built on new technologies. So the question arises about what the best open-source CRM is.

Crust to participate in the OpenExpo event: “Discover the best open-source CRM for enterprises.”

To help enterprises figure out what the best open-source CRM is, OpenExpo Europe has organised the online event: “CRM DAY 2020”. The Crust CRM Suite is one of the solutions you will see in action at the event. Additionally, Crust Technology will participate in the round-table at the end of the event.

OpenExpo Europe is the leading Enterprise IT Innovation, Digital Transformation and Open Source Community & Summit in Europe. They aim to spread, present, discover and evaluate open-source solutions and trends. The OpenExpo fair is currently the largest congress and professional fair on IT innovation in Europe.

Crust is excited to participate at OpenExpo’s upcoming event. Firstly, because the event’s topic perfectly aligns with what Crust offers. Secondly, we see it as a recognition of our work to be the leading open-source CRM. And thirdly, because we will be able to reach enterprises that didn’t check out open-source CRM solutions before.

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Meet us at the Univention Summit

We’re excited to announce we’re a sponsor of the Univention Summit, which is held on January 23 and 24 in Bremen, Germany. Together with our partner DAASI International we will presenting Crust at our stand.

What is the Univention Summit

The Univention Summit is a yearly event that attracts over 400 IT professionals from value-added resellers, cloud service providers, and software developers. They have in common that they all share interest in open-source. The venue is excellent for networking opportunities and knowledge transfer.

The organiser behind the event is Univention. Univention is the driving force behind the Univention Corporate Server (UCS). UCS provides companies with a complete solution for the administration of IT infrastructures, applications, resources and users. Soon Crust will be available on UCS via the Univention App Center, making it available to UCS users all over the world.

Lenny Horstink, the CMO of Crust, being interviewed at the Univention Summit 2019

Why should you visit the Crust stand?

  • You can meet some of the key people behind Crust. Niall McCarthy, CEO of Crust, Lenny Horstink, CMO of Crust, and Peter Gietz, CEO of DAASI International and partner of Crust, will be at the stand.
  • You can see Crust in action. A live demo will show you what Crust can mean for your company.
  • Swag 🙂 Get some Crust goodies for free!

You can drop by for a chat. Want to arrange a meeting before? Fill in the form below.

We’re looking forward to this event!

Crust Technology at Web Summit 2019

Web Summit 2019 is one of the biggest technology conferences worldwide, with over 70.000 attendees and 1200 speakers from companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google. This year, we are excited to inform you that Crust Technology will be present at Web Summit.

Crust Technology is the driving force behind Corteza, the leading private cloud and open-source Salesforce Alternative. Crust’s CRM Suite is the most advanced open-source CRM platform in the world, bringing the user ecosystem, workflows and essential applications together on one unified platform. It seamlessly integrates with Customer Identity and Access Management.

The rapidly growing interest in Crust from companies all over the world makes it a logical step to have presence at Web Summit. We share common goals, such as empowering women in tech and sustainability, and both disrupt.

Web Summit 2019 takes place from November 4 – 7, 2019, and will be held in the Altice Arena and FIL, Lisbon, Portugal. To meet us at the event, and learn more about Crust, please fill in the form below.