What is Sales Force Automation in CRM?

CRM is a broad domain. It touches every industry and there’s not such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Sure, you can get a CRM for free. But the big question is whether you can get it to do what you want.

Sales Force Automation specifically addresses the parts of the sales process your team needs to digitize in order to make the act of selling more efficient and more effective.

Corredor is the Most Flexible Sales Force Automation Tool on the Market

You can limit Sales Force Automation (SFA) concepts to simple conversion of leads in CRM or distribution of quotes in CRM. These are traditional CRM functions which usually require a one-step automation. For example, you can convert a lead to an account or automatically email a quote once saved.

However, it may be necessary to have more complex automation of workflows. For instance, you may need your reporting in CRM to be constantly refreshed from a wide variety of sources. Your CRM dashboards are often a key source of information and decision-making. This means the reports are drawing data from all of your CRM modules in real time or near real time. Data from Leads, Opportunities, Accounts, Contacts, Quotes, Products constantly changes.

Perhaps your CRM Suite requires approval processes, which in turn trigger actions on certain sales in CRM. Additionally, creating additional tasks for sales people. Maybe once a sale is closed, the account owner changes from the sales person to a customer service representative. The different functions of CRM often vary from industry to industry. However, keeping a customer-focused approach is usually at the heart of the organisation’s motivation. A CRM for education might be radically different to a sales team CRM. Perhaps your goal is business integration with a fulfillment management system or perhaps you’re in the business of record management software.

What is case management, but a means to handle your customer issues in the best possible manner? Streamlining the relationship between your CRM Suite and your knowledge base software results in faster and more accurate responses to your clients.

Third Party Applications

Corredor, the automation engine in Crust CRM Suite also speaks natively over the Crust standardised Rest API. This opens Crust up the world of third party applications. You can drawn upon them from within your existing IT environment. Alternatively your organisation can add new applications to enhance and improve its productivity and results. Why not add contracts from Docusign or communication from Twilio? The possibilities are endless.

Crust CRM Suite is built on Crust Low-Code, the open-source Low-Code Development platform. All platform components can speak and interact with the Corredor automation engine. This feature means your business can leverage the Salesforce alternative with the maximum flexibility on the market, delivering not just the added efficiency and effectiveness you desire for your sales, but cutting down the time and cost to get there too.

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