What Is a Customer Service Solution?

Maximising sales and revenue is one of the most important goals of any organisation. Studies have shown that one of the best ways to do that is to increase customer satisfaction along with product quality. According to Hubspot, 93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with a company that provides excellent customer service.

However, keeping track of customer data manually can be tedious and time-consuming. Therefore, many businesses are leveraging the power of customer service solutions to automatically track customer data.

A customer service solution is defined as digital software that allows businesses to gain a deeper and more meaningful understanding of their client’s needs, preferences, and expectations. Customer service solutions can streamline and automate various business processes related to customer communication and customer service.

Important Features of Customer Service Solutions

1) Communication Tools

Customer service software solutions can help facilitate open communication with customers through messaging applications. Messaging applications allow customers to easily and efficiently communicate with businesses about queries or concerns.

This not only improves customer relationships but can also increase consumer satisfaction rates. Potential channels for customer messaging communication include social media platforms and SMS messaging.

It also has the Jitsi video-conferencing app, which organisations use everywhere to set up online meetings.

It also has the Jitsi video-conferencing app. Organizations use it everywhere to set up online meetings.

2) Customer Support

Many consumers may prefer communicating with businesses through a phone conversion than through messaging tools. However, standard digital phone systems may be tedious to manage and can lead to errors in the long run.

Therefore, customer service software solutions can allow your business to record customer calls for future reference, automatically create records and access a customer’s entire historical interaction with your company.

3) Knowledge of Client History

Answering customer service messages manually can be time-consuming and lead to a substantial waste of financial and human resources. Therefore, customer service solutions can allow your business to create a comprehensive and expansive knowledge base of cloud-based databases.

This will allow certain customer service queries to be automatically answered without the interference of a sales representative. This will also allow your organization’s employees to work on higher-level, more intellectually stimulating business processes.

A holistic knowledge base will also allow your customers to avail the benefits of self-service. 91% of customers stated that they would use an online knowledge base if it were customized and tailored to their individual needs.

4) Product Tracking and Inventory Management

Companies with different types of products and services need to track, monitor, and analyze which customers are utilizing certain types of products. However, manual databases can lead to errors and can be difficult to update on a regular basis.

Therefore, customer service solutions can help businesses automatically keep track of available inventory as well as products used by the customers. This will not only help your business address customer service inquiries much easier than ever before but will also reduce financial losses from the lack of available inventory.

The Best Customer Service Solution On The Market

Planet Crust’s customer service solution is the best customer service solution currently available on the market. It is built on the open-source low-code, software development platform Corteza and it can help your business exponentially revolutionize its customer service management. Get started for free so that your business can take advantage of the various benefits of customer service solutions.

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