What is a Customer-Focused Approach?

Digital transformation strategy is hard to get right.

“A customer-focused approach demands that your organisation orients its processes and services around what matters most to its clients. It should do so in a manner which generates the maximum medium to long-term growth for your business”

Note the absence of “short-term” in the above statement. That’s because a digital transformation strategy is an investment in your business. You can’t cheat at it and shouldn’t try. For instance, scanning a list of free CRMs is no substitute for thinking hard about your customer needs and evolvution. Nor is picking an open-source CRM off the shelf and just going to the trouble of setting it up.

Planet Crust has much experience providing services in this domain. A customer-focused approach means you must do some serious analysis of:

  1. The Market;
  2. Technology;
  3. Your Customer Requirements.

The Planet Crust’s CRM Suite and Low-Code Development Platform Deliver the Optimal Customer-Focused Approach.

Looking towards open-source CRM’s as a way to build your company CRM can be frustrating. For example, there’s lots of older, legacy technology out there (e.g. forks of SugarCRM). They were never designed with modern requirements in mind.

The Planet Crust’с CRM Suite is the premium Golang CRM. Golang is the language Google uses to build much of its application infrastructure. The Corteza low-code development platform allows users to build as many data models as they like in our Golang backend. You can link these together, or they can exist independently for future integration.

Planet Crust’s CRM Suite is built on the open-source low-code platform Corteza. Our open-source low-code development platform separates data models, the web presentation layer (of every app) and automation/workflows by default. However, it allows them to interact seamlessly. This is a massive advantage over a more traditional open-source CRM Suite. Why? Because change doesn’t have to sudden, it can evolve with PLanet Crust’s CRM Suite.

Did you know that you can build many different looking web applications on Corteza low code with exactly the same data model on one platform? You can even evolve your user experience independently. Implement accounts in CRM, leads in CRM or quotes in CRM and replicate what you have right now. Then, progressively alter them as you stage your digital transformation strategy over time. In fact, you can address any of the good points of your existing customer-focused approach. Take them into account and improved on the schedule that works for your business. Customers should not feel the pain of your change management.

You could be looking to build your approach on complex business process models. Or, you can make it all about getting the basics right. In either case, the Planet Crust’s CRM Suite and the Corteza open-source low-code platform ensure the safe delivery of your customer-focused approach. Get started for free!

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