What ICT Hardware and Software is Used in Hospitals?

Amongst all the other industries that are being transformed by technology, the healthcare industry is undergoing the most prominent reform. The healthcare landscape is changing in front of our eyes. Hospital records are being replaced by computer databases; doctors and surgeons are being replaced by robots. With every new day bringing a new challenge, the healthcare technological advancements seem to be all set to fend each obstacle off. Let’s have a look at the information and communication technologies involved in creating smart healthcare solutions.

Hardware Used in Hospitals

The presence of ICT hardware in healthcare is bifurcated into:

1. Empowering patients towards self-consciousness about their own health

To encourage individual health consciousness, several electronic devices exist. Wearables, trackers, and sensors often take the form of watches and other accessories that can be used by us quickly. Other stand-alone devices like the blood sugar test kits have been designed to make medical care easily accessible and reliable.

2. Enabling institutions to cater to the patients’ needs

To carry out patient-related management at hospitals, clinics, and other institutions, we can find several kinds of sensors and scanners installed for the patients being admitted therein. These sensors have varied purposes, ranging from pulse rate to oxygen level. At the same time, they employ body scanners for CT scans or MRIs. Using this hardware equipment, doctors can understand what is going on inside the patient’s body, without any invasive surgery or tests.

Software Used in Hospitals


The hardware solutions employed in hospitals cater to a specific range of requirements only. Still, they generate sensitive patient data which poses the need for management healthcare solutions. That’s where the software does its job. Fundamentally, healthcare CRM software like EHR is employed to manage the patient data, maintain clinical records, and ensure accurate diagnosis and treatment at the right time. Apart from medical database software, there exist health portals for providing the medical knowledge base to the medical staff in times of need or for facilitating electronic prescriptions. These platforms not only strengthen collaboration within the hospital staff but also reduce the challenges in operational and financial aspects.

The influence of AI, AR, and VR in the healthcare software industry has created a buzz in recent times. But medical imaging software has been in place for quite some time now, which complement the body scanners at hospitals. We also have healthcare research software, specially designed for medical researchers and scientists to assist in the process of drug discovery and analysis.

Future of Healthcare

The future of the IT healthcare industry beholds a powerful opportunity for growth. This is why Planet Crust is making strides to harness this power and provide healthcare institutions with the powerful open-source low-code platform Corteza. Corteza not only ensures user privacy and data security through its state-of-the-art technological solutions and high-security authentication systems but also makes the institution capable enough to tackle tons of data and manage patient records easily. Find all that you can do with Corteza, today! Get started for free!

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