What Does CRM Mean in Aviation?

When you heard the word ‘CRM’, you picture a business that is trying to track its customers from their data and making strides to increase its revenue. But what if this CRM is different?

While technology has influenced several verticals across the various domains, aviation isn’t left behind. The impact of software and cloud solutions has largely created value for the aviation industry. Let’s discover what all does technology have in store for aviation.

What is CRM in aviation?

In the frame of the field of aviation, basic CRM means Crew Resource Management. To achieve safe flight operations and to ensure efficient utilization and coordination of human knowledge and skills on board, a crew resource management system is employed. It’s not software, but rather a set of procedures. So, it’s very different compared to a company CRM we generally talk about.

What is The CRM in Aviation Used For?

Typically, we can divide the crew on an aircraft into deck crew and cabin crew. In a sensitive environment like that of aviation, effective communication between the members is important to establish synergy. And as a result, make the flight safe and comfortable.

Crew Resource Management is responsible for keeping the safe flight goals in mind and sending continuous feedback on the condition of the flight to the crew and the authority concerned. It provides workload management and team management with effective risk management strategies.

Open-source CRM Suite by Planet Crust

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