What Does An Inside Sales Agent Do?

Sales are one of the most valuable assets for any organization. Sales can significantly impact a business’s success through business growth, customer loyalty, and client retention.

Studies show that over one trillion dollars are spent annually on sales forces. Maximizing sales opportunities and prospective leads is the number one thing that any business can do to increase its overall profit.

An inside sales agent is defined as a company representative responsible for sourcing new sales opportunities, contacting and communicating with prospective leads, and maximizing sales as a whole. Inside sales agents play a vital role during the sales cycle.

Roles and Responsibilities of an Inside Sales Agent

Communicating With Sales Leads

One of the main responsibilities of an inside sales agent is communicating with potential sales leads. This involves following up on customers and making outbound communication with potential clients and consumers. Fostering and developing communications with existing client relationships are also on the inside sales management to-do list. In fact, Maintaining a comprehensive and holistic database of potential and existing sales data can help inside sales agents keep track of client and consumer relationships.

Identifying Sales Opportunities

Inside sales agents are responsible for identifying new potential sales opportunities through inbound lead follow-up, outbound cold calls, email, and social media marketing.

This further involves researching consumer sales accounts, identifying key leads, and generating interest in the business’s products and services. After generating qualified sales leads, inside sales agents must further re-route them to sales executives for further sales development.

Addressing Client Concerns and Queries

Answering client concerns and queries is a crucial responsibility of an organization’s inside sales agent. To accurately address client queries, inside sales agents must be appropriately informed about the features of the organization’s products and services and the products and services of competing firms.

If requested to do so, an inside sales agent must also be able to explain and demonstrate the features of a particular product. In fact, according to Microsoft, 96% of consumers around the globe say that customer service is an essential factor in their choice of brand loyalty.


Closing Sales and Achieving Sales Targets

Closing a sale is considered to be the most important step of the overall sales cycle process. Inside sales agents are expected to be able to close an active sales lead. To do so, they must be well versed with the product or service in question, be able to qualify leads, and approach consumer interactions with resilience. Furthermore, inside sales agents should be aware of and adhere to sales targets to ensure that long-term organizational goals and objectives are met.

Crust’s CRM Suite for Inside Sales Agents

Crust’s low-code, open-source CRM Suite is the perfect tool to help inside sales agents perform their duties and responsibilities. Moreover, Crust’s CRM tools are equipped with flexible and customizable dashboards and chart-making tools. These tools can help you to achieve sales targets much easier than ever before. Try a demo so that you can take advantage of the benefits of CRM software.

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