What does a CRM Manager do?

In a world where customers rule the growth narrative of a business, every company needs a person who can understand, satisfy, placate and engage the clients efficiently. Understanding every client’s value and allocating adequate resources to each customer is also a crucial part of client management. This is why CRM Managers are indisputably becoming a crucial part of upper management business layers.

A CRM Manager is responsible for maintaining customers’ relationships with the organization. Their job is to ensure enhanced client satisfaction, conceptualizing customer retention campaigns, overseeing and assisting the marketing teams with lead management and setting feedback channels. They manage CRM platforms that have been found to boost conversion rates by as much as 300%. CRM Managers often use CRM solutions to carry out these subjective tasks and execute multiple strategies every day.

Primary duties of a CRM Managers

1. Choosing the right CRM solution

The most noteworthy decision that a CRM Manager takes is choosing the CRM solution for the company. A CRM platform ensures smooth communication flow across departments and assists all the agents in customer dealings.

There are several CRM platforms available in the market, with only a few options that fit a company’s precise needs. Choosing a CRM solution that can offer customization services and automation, along with capturing all relevant client information and key customer life cycle points is of paramount importance.

2. Devising CRM strategy and delegating work

Having the right CRM strategy in place can increase customer retention rates and contribute to higher revenue figures. Hence, one of the most important duties of a CRM manager is to analyze consumers’ past buying behaviour, study the competition, and develop an effective CRM strategy.

Once the strategy has been made, it is the CRM manager’s job to define individual employee goals and identify the right employees for carrying out tasks. Using a business processes management tool that comes with the Crust CRM Suite is an excellent tool to conjure and execute strategic workflows in the office. Crust can also allow you to automate certain workflows that follow a fixed pattern.

3. Predicting and fulfilling customers’ needs

A CRM manager has to map customer journeys and analyze consumer touchpoints. Using the information mined from these analyzes, a CRM manager can help marketers predict consumer needs and get higher ROI on future promotional campaigns. This eventually results in higher lead-conversion rates and more profits for the business. CRM is one of the top three tools used to foster customer loyalty and improve marketing by creating personalized interactions.

The open-source CRM solution by Crust provides a 360-degree overview of all the customer records, including messaging history. This helps in understanding past client problems, evaluating feedback and deriving helpful conclusions for future strategies.

4. Overseeing case management and resolution

Case management is an important aspect of customer service. A CRM Manager must train a team to acknowledge individual customers needs and address unique concerns.

Crust’s Service Solution app provides you with a case management tool. This tool helps managers ensure that all the customers get the attention they need to continue business with the company.

5. Putting the right communication channels in place

Whether it’s work delegation, cross-department interactions, or meetings with clients, a CRM manager must make sure that proper communication channels are in place in the office.

Crust comes with an enterprise messaging feature that enables easy cross-department communication along with the Jitsi video-conferencing app that takes interaction to a more advanced level. Additionally, with automation scripts, you can schedule calls with clients automatically.

Crust CRM Suite is a solution that every CRM Manager needs

The open-source CRM platform by Crust is everything a CRM manager needs. It is a highly customizable platform with automation features that saves the managers’ time by automating repetitive workflows. Crust is the perfect fit for small and large businesses alike with a brilliant combination of customizability and consistency. Contact the Crust support team to get a demo of the CRM solution.

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