What Can You Build With Low-Code?

For businesses in the 21st century, low-code application development is a game-changer. Open-source low-code application development is an enhanced and improvised version of the then software development life cycle that results in instant output without the usual hustle of coding. Businesses can meet their deadlines by providing comprehensive graphical interfaces that have an effective and quick deployment of output. From keeping track of the personal details of the customer to tracking of attendance of the employees to getting a sharp insight into the data inputs, low-code gives all that it takes to run a business smoothly.

Apps you can build with Low-Code

As per Gartner, it is anticipated that low-code application development would acquire 65% of all app development related functions by the year 2024. As the leader in the open-source low-code area, Crust provides a powerful low-code platform for you to create business apps for your company. Let’s have a look at some apps that can be built using open-source low-code:

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

CRM is a cloud-based software wherein a company can keep full track of the personal details of their customers/clients and also drive insights from it. A low-code based CRM helps the business to optimize its processes and ensure high customer satisfaction.

Enterprise Resource Planning

andLow-code, when applied to ERP, helps to create a remote, mobile workforce that can perform a task within just a short period. ERP refers to the integration of all the management functions of an organization. It provides you with an in-built logic, which can customize. Additionally, no extra coding is required as the security function is automatically taken care of by the cloud platform.

Case Management

Case management includes tools for insurance claims, fraud investigation, client onboarding, and IT service requests. This platform streamlines these services by increasing coordination, automation, and productivity. A low-code platform integrated into the right case management can stop any business from halting. Instead, it can commit fewer errors and provide more time for improvisation.

Healthcare Management

Since low-code is quick and flexible, healthcare professionals can use it for new healthcare requirements of patients directly. They can also instill the prevalent IT infrastructure and standards with all new functionalities without breaking the flow of ongoing operations.

Inventory Management

Low-code development gives inventory management a whole new outlook. It includes features like anytime expansion, short learning time, custom-made modules and reports, and others. As a result, you reduce maintenance cost significantly.

Logistics Management

Low-code platform, when applied to logistics, builds in an automatic operational efficiency by digitizing man-made processes, analyzing the data for proper inventory control, and on-time deliveries. Alongside, you can also create smart apps for franchise management, event management, and donor management.

Employee Onboarding

Low-code here is quite helpful in reducing the employee onboarding cost by creating a self-reliant interface for the HR wherein they can create custom forms with employee details. With this, staff can access such an app for immediate submission, visualizing, and updating information, and even leave tracking.

Start Building Business Apps With Crust

Crust’s low-code platform is all set to become the magic wand that enables your digital transformation. So, it’s time for you to get your online demo and start building your custom business app today!

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