What are the 3 main benefits of CRM for the Sales Manager?

What are the 3 main benefits of CRM for the Sales Manager?

There are 3 reasons why you, as a Sales Manager should use a CRM. They are:

  • Increase in Productivity & Revenue
  • More time to spend developing your team
  • Improved & Smarter Reporting

Increased Productivity & Revenue

The main benefit of a CRM for a Sales Manager is an increase in productivity and revenue. Use the right CRM suite, and it will drive and aid workflow, save time, and result in more deals being closed faster. Additionally, CRM’s help your team collaborate, allowing them to share data, documents, and insights.

Task automation also allows your team to focus on the more important activities. These activities include building client relationships, calling more leads, and converting them more quickly to opportunities and sales. So, the right CRM Suite is one that should free up your Sales team to do what they like best: sell.

More time to spend developing your team

A good CRM Suite minimises your need to micromanage. You can see activities and results without having to constantly having to ask the people in your team. This saves your time and theirs too!

Most teams perform better you don’t micromanage them. This makes them feel trusted to do their job, but don’t forget to be there to help when the need it. Moreover, you can use the time you save to invest in your team, coaching them, and helping them become even more successful.

Improved & Smarter Reporting

Managers need data that will help them identify many things, such as:

  • coaching requirements
  • staffing level
  • volume/type of leads to procure
  • track activities/results
  • forecast revenue

They also need to report certain information to the other members of their management team and to the Board.

A CRM, like the open-source Corteza CRM or Crust’s CRM Suite, makes it easy to get this data and to share it. You can create reports to obtain data that helps you to manage your team effectively. Additionally, it gives you insights to change strategy when required.

If the CEO needs information at short notice you can easily run a report that will give the exact and most recent data. The CEO may need to know things like average deal size, the close rate, total closed daily for the month or quarter, where the best leads are coming from in terms of product/geography. All these reports can be created on the fly.

For instance, the CEO want to see Sales Velocity, which shows how fast the company is making money. This combines several metrics, showing how efficient the sales team is. It’s the sum of your opportunities multiplied by your average deal size & win rate, divided by the length of your sales cycle.

Adding charts in Crust’s CRM Suite

Crust’s CRM Suite is highly flexible. Firstly, you can select out-of-the-box charts and customize them, or easily create new ones. Secondly, you can create beautiful charts and obtain key insights that help you to control your business. Thirdly, and most importantly, charts can be added to any dashboard with a simple drag and drop, allowing you to create customized dashboards with high level information or more detailed charts. In conclusion, such flexibility makes Crust’s CRM Suite a perfect fit for organisations that look for a CRM that can easily adjust to their unique needs and scale with ease.

Want to give it a try? Check out the online demo.

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