What are outbound sales?

Contrary to popular belief, outbound sales have still not turned obsolete. 75% of executives say that they are willing to make an appointment or attend an event based on a cold call or email alone. Not every prospective customer realizes the need for a product until they find out that it exists.

Outbound sales are meant to create and meet demands. With an efficient database of prospects and smart automated workflows targeted to future customers, an open-source CRM solution can help you generate more outbound leads and eventually convert them into sales opportunities. A process in which a seller initiates customer engagement from its end, outbound sales are most popularly carried out via cold calls, meets, and email marketing.

How to increase outbound sales for your company

1) The Customer Image

Defining what your perfect client looks like can save everyone a lot of time. Knowing exactly what your product’s unique selling point is will help you accentuate your company’s positives and take you a step closer to sealing the deal.

Crust’s open source CRM software maintains the database of all past clients’ information that prompts your sales’ team to devise the perfect buyer’s persona. Approaching the exact clients with the product pitches can attract them towards your business.

2) Follow-Ups

30 to 50% of the sales go to the vendors who respond first. In a competitive market, cold calling and getting a lead isn’t the end-all of outbound sales. A prompt follow-up is much more critical in the process.

Crust’s open-source low-code based CRM comes with automated workflows that can schedule calls with responsive customers instantly. Clients can then carry on the conversation so that the team can cater to their needs.

3) Social Media Integration

Social media is an exceptional tool that allows you to build relationships with your target audience by engaging with them on their content and creating a brand presence. These customers, who already know your brand can then be approached with sales pitches. An efficient way to do this is to integrate your CRM software with social networking apps.

The Crust low-code platform comes with a RestAPI base that allows you to create software that can integrate your messaging channels with social media platforms. It also enables clients login to the Crust website directly with their social media credentials.

4) Email Automation

Email marketing is one of the least time-consuming forms of outbound sales calls. Crust low-code CRM software can enable you to automate customer and industry-centric emails and will make sure that they are sent out at scheduled times. An email pitch targeted at the right customer can generate many leads. Like this, your salespeople can convert them through follow-ups.

How Crust CRM can help boost your outbound sales

The modern, API enabled open-source CRM software by Crust is a terrific alternative to salesforce. The futuristic platform offers your sales teams all the information they need to design the right outbound sales strategy including messaging history, current customer data and transaction histories. It enables instant communication and email automation features that make outbound marketing easier than it has ever been. Get in touch with our team to get a free demo of the phenomenal low-code CRM platform for your business.

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