What are Battle Cards?

With the surge of globalization and increasing competition in all industries, the sales sector is no less than a battlefield. Creating leads and closing deals is more challenging than ever. Salespeople hence need a systematic, scientific approach towards sales pitches.

Sales battle cards are a particular type of internal organizational documents that provide the sales agents with the information they need to close sales. They are a concise compilation of high-value data and information that can help your company’s sales and marketing representatives understand competing products and services. Studies show that 89.5% of consumers want an assisted purchase experience and usually conduct their research before making purchasing decisions.

Why Do Salesmen Need Battle Cards?

86% of the buyers want to be able to ask questions while making a buying decision. Hence, a sales representative must always be ready with relevant and specific answers. This is where battle cards come in. They contain high-value data and information about the product and aid the sales agents with the following-

1) Effective and Compelling Pitches

With the average overall sales conversion rate being as low as 2.46% to 3.26%, delivering a clever sales pitch while cold-calling is a necessity. The right sales pitch can help you increase conversion rates significantly. Sales battle cards enable your organization’s sales reps to deliver appealing and captivating sales pitches. They do so by giving salespeople instant access to important figures and analytics about the goods they are selling. This allows for more effective and personalizable sales pitches, which in turn increases profit.

The open-source CRM by Crust offers a 360-degree overview of customer history which helps sales strategists gain an insight into buying behaviour that eventually helps in the conception and modification of battle cards.

2) Competitive Advantage

Sales battle cards usually include certain data about your competitor’s products or services. This helps company representatives stay informed of new updates in the market and use this information to stay one step ahead of rival firms. Your business can then effectively use this information to advertise and emphasize your product or service features.

3) Preparation for Situational Pitches

By previously analyzing and preparing for specific situations and scenarios, a pre-approved course of action can be followed. This, in turn, can help your sales and marketing representatives to be better prepared to answer frequently asked questions and navigate through difficult customer questions and interactions.

For example, if your company has just launched a new product feature, a sales battle card could contain this information. A sales battle card could also contain information about upcoming promotions and discounts.

With Crust’s CRM Suite, you can create attractive charts and gain key insights into your company’s performance. This gives you the ability to analyse recent trends in product performance and then tailor the pitches accordingly.

4) Monitoring Competition

Keeping track of your competitor’s newest features and updates such as their growth is essential. So, you must include it in a sales battle card. The most important aspects of this information should then be filtered and consequently included in a sales battle card so that your business’s sales and marketing representatives can use it in their consumer interactions.


Crust’s CRM Suite is a low-code software solution that can provide your business with a multitude of tools to create employee-friendly sales battle cards with the help of its extensive client database. The open-source CRM platform can effectively and efficiently help your business’ sales teams interact with customers easily, monitor competition, predict situational consumer interactions, and prepare compelling sales pitches. Get a demo of the excellent CRM software for your business today.

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