Does Digital Transformation Work?

Yes, but only if the digital transformation strategy is realistic and adequately planned. A digital transformation is not just about an IT system upgrade or greenfield implementation.

Firstly, it involves examining all the data resources and processes in an organisation. So, it would help if you saw how these two categories interact. Secondly, you must define how the interactions can be optimised or even re-imagined. And thirdly, you need to determine how you can digitise the results.

Crust Low-Code Allows for Unlimited Flexibility in Defining Resources and Processes.

Crust, the open-source Low-Code Development platform, has the ideal feature set and architecture to accomplish your organisation’s digital transformation strategy. Prototyping is straightforward, and examples of business process management tailored to your needs are easy to create. 

Crust ships with two great examples of what can you can do on the platform:

  • The Crust CRM Suite, the de facto open-source Salesforce alternative, used by medium-sized and Fortune 1000 organisations.
  • Crust Service Solution, the self-hosted, cloud case management software for servicing your customers.

Our open-source community offering, Corteza, also ships with “Corteza Education Cloud”. This is an open-source School Management software. You can compare it to a CRM, but with a broader feature set allowing you to manage one or many schools from a single Corteza instance. Once again, it’s a great example of the flexibility of the open-source Low-Code Development Platform.

However, getting your digital transformation strategy to work is about far more than great examples of what you can do on the Crust platform. Irrespective of whether you envisage building a financial services cloud, a health portal or manufacturing automation software to collaborate with dealers and distributors, your organisation still has to go through the process of thoroughly defining your data resources and the processes around them.

Identify New and More Effective Ways to Work Smart.

The act of defining how resources and processes interact in your business leads to an excellent opportunity to innovate. Identifying new and more effective ways to work smart is so much easier when everyone is working from the same overview and using the same terminology. At the end of this activity, you may even have more than one digital transformation example which applies to your business.

Examining how you can digitise your results and goals on Crust is also enlightening. Since Crust naturally separates the data layer from the process layer, it’s possible to understand and predict costs quickly. It’s also possible to spot complexity easily. This allows you to project plan in more detail or offer your organisation’s leaders the most informed set of choices.

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