Benefits of Email Marketing Automation

Gone are the days of flashy television commercials and campaign jingles. The 21st century is the era of marketing techniques that benefit consumers: informative blogs, discount deals, and free trials. But to make customers aware of these potential benefits, marketers need unobtrusive channels that can help deliver the company’s messages directly to the customers. This is where email marketing comes in.

Email Marketing is considered to be one of the most highly effective digital marketing strategies for connecting and communicating with current and prospective customers. And with the help of efficient automation tools, you can deploy email marketing strategies for your products without having to toil for hours.

Email marketing automation is the process of automatically sending personalised promotional emails to customers and prospects as per a specified set of guidelines and schedule. Studies have shown that automated marketing emails generate 320% more revenue than non-automated marketing emails. It can help your business build successful customer engagement and turn prospective consumers into loyal clients.

Benefits of Automated Email Marketing

1) No Intervention Required

One of the most significant advantages of employing an automatic email marketing strategy is that it can function almost completely autonomously. Once a specific set of criteria and schedule is decided and applied, your business’s promotional emails can be sent independently without a sales representative‘s constant manual interference. Specific guidelines can even be applied to trigger automatic email responses to customer queries.

2) Personalised Emails

Promotional emails that aren’t specifically tailored to a customer’s requirements are most likely to be disregarded as spam. Therefore, it is incredibly vital that your business’s marketing emails are personalised to fit each customer’s needs and requirements. When using email marketing automation, customisation tools such as automatically filling in the consumer’s name and location to make promotional emails more distinctive and unique.

Using consumers’ personal information can also significantly increase click-throughs and open rates. Research has shown that emails with personalised subject lines are 50% more likely to be opened than non-personalised emails. Crust’s CRM platform offers you a 360-degree in-depth insight into your clients’ history, including messaging history. You can use that information to segregate customers based on the products they buy and the services they subscribe to. You can then set up specific emails to be sent to the assigned client categories for a more personalised experience.

3) Reduced Errors and Brand Awareness

When a promotional email contains easily avoidable errors, it can make customers lose trust and interest in your brand. However, email automation systems can significantly reduce the number of probable errors in your organisation’s emails and produce results that are usually much more organised and consistent. When email recipients receive timely, professional emails periodically, they get more aware of your brand identity. This, in turn, improves the overall brand image of your products.

4) Better Efficiency and Productivity

Using automated email marketing software to perform repetitively, time-consuming tasks can save your business’s time and resources exponentially. These resources can then be better allocated to more important tasks that needfully require attention. As a result, your business becomes much more efficient and productive. Email marketing automation software can completely control sending timely, relevant promotional emails and contribute to lead nurturing. Crust’s very own automation engine enables you to create all kinds of workflows. So, you can use it to send out regular email notifications to your clients.

Crust- Your Strongest Ally in Marketing

Crust’s open-source CRM Suite comes with a set of lucrative features that make modern marketing techniques seem effortless and easy to deploy. Try a demo to see how your business can grow with the ever-rewarding automation technology of Crust.

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