Why Build an Employee-Centric Company?

Employees are the building blocks of any organisation. They build businesses from the ground up with their loyalty, hard work and dedication. It is hence extremely important to retain the best employees in your organisation. But qualified employees are 26% more likely to leave their position within an organisation if they perceive a lack of effective communication and mutual respect between their fellow colleagues. Therefore, nothing in an organisation is hence as important as employee satisfaction.

Building an employee-centric company can help you increase employee retention and loyalty. An employee-centric company is an establishment that promotes and encourages creativity, innovative ideas and constant communication between employees and higher-level management. It prioritises employee well-being and welfare.

Employees in an employee-centric company are usually made to feel safe. They are ensured that they can question the inner workings of their work environment if they disagree with them. Employee-centric companies usually have grievance-redress mechanisms and employee-suggestion schemes in place.

Benefits of an Employee-Centric Culture

1) Increased Productivity

Employee-centric organisational culture usually results in a more content workforce, as employees feel more valued by their employers and feel comfortable voicing their opinions. This usually leads to a more engaged staff that is personally invested in the company and committed to their role.

Employee-engagement eventually results in increased organisational productivity. Engaged employees are also a significant source of new, innovative ideas and suggestions which can fundamentally transform your business for the better.

2) Effective Communication

Allowing employees to express their thoughts, feelings, and concerns freely is essential. To achieve this, you can establish an organisation-wide communication channelfor your business’ overall operation. Prioritising your employee’s needs and wants in both the short term and long term encourages them to connect and constructively commit to your organisation. This not only enables them to form positive relationships with upper-level management, but also motivates them to communicate more effectively with current and prospective customers.

3) Employee Retention and Recruitment

Building an organisation that prioritises employee wellness can help reduce absenteeism and employee turnover rates significantly. Studies have shown that employees that don’t like their organisational culture are 24% more likely to leave. Furthermore, 86% of job seekers claim that they screen potential employers according to the type of organisational culture and would not work for a company with a perceived bad reputation for not prioritising their employees’ needs and requirements.

Building and maintaining an employee-centric company can prove to be extremely useful for both attracting and retaining talent. You can do this by creating a good reputation for your business. You can customize Planet Crust’s low-code based CRM platform to function as an employee training and feedback software. Soliciting employees’ feedback and providing regular training makes them feel valued and encourages them to voice their opinions about the workplace.


4) Higher Revenue and Profit

Building an employee-centric work culture will enable your business to increase overall productivity and efficiency. Engaged employees perform better and can satisfy your customers more than any disgruntled employee can. Studies have shown that companies with a more engaged workforce are 21% more profitable than their less-involved counterparts. Building an employee-centric company will help your business engage employees more effectively and increase overall revenue and profit.

Planet Crust’s CRM Suite is the perfect employee support solution

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