Which of the Following Statements is True of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems?

  • CRM is Expensive
  • Open-source CRM is all just old forks of SugarCRM
  • Open-source CRM doesn’t scale
  • A great CRM allows your organisation to concentrate on a customer-focused approach
  • An Open-Source Low-Code Development Platform gives your CRM more flexibility
  • The best free CRM uses standardised technology
  • A real open-source Salesforce alternative exists

Planet Crust Delivers Corteza – a Feature-Comparative, Open-Source Lode-Code Salesforce Alternative

While selling Corteza, we’ve often come across some interesting points of view and misconceptions about the CRM market. From time to time, it’s nice to take a moment to address these:

1. CRM is Expensive

Is Hubspot free? We all know the real answer. Of course not! To start, a handful of free of charge features are used as an excuse to get you using and dependent. However, some serious costs are added in for the “enterprise” version. So, this freemium model is used by many providers. Yet, while a CRM implementation will always cost you something, Corteza CRM will always be available to you free of charge. For instance, this will be the case regardless of whether you are using standard features such leads in CRM. And also regardless of whether you require more advanced features such as complex automation.

2. Open-Source CRM is all just old forks of SugarCRM

For some year the market was looking a bit like this. Many vendors purported to have developed their own CRM system based on the legacy and non-supported SugarCRM community edition. However, then Corteza came along. Corteza CRM Suite delivers a similar build logic to Salesforce, but all in open-source code. Deployed on Docker and feature-rich, Corteza CRM has moved open-source CRM on a generation. Additionally, the rapid acceleration of adoption of Corteza CRM Suite and the Corteza community project speaks volumes about the new direction in which the market is headed.

3. Open-Source CRM doesn’t scale

This might be true for products derived from the 15 year old, non-supported SugarCRM community edition. But it’s definitely not the case for the CRM Suite build on Corteza. It is the “Golang CRM”. Google used Golang to run much of its application infrastructure. It scales beautifully, using the multi-threaded processing language as its backend. For instance, getting to “customer-scale” on Corteza, is well within scope. You can bring all your thousands or hundreds of thousands of customers onto your CRM Suite as actors in Corteza. On the contrary, in older CRM’s you normally need to have your employees as active users.

4. A great CRM allows your organisation to concentrate on a customer-focused approach

This is so true. Corteza CRM Suite facilitates your business’s engagement with all its customers. This is irrespective of the channel from which they come. All your clients be real and re-usable identities on Corteza Also, Corteza is API-Centric, with every part of the system open to interaction via third party integrations. Mapping your CRM Suite to your ever-evolving customer touchpoints has never been easier.

5. An Open-Source Low-Code Development Platform gives your CRM more flexibility

Corteza is open-source low-code development platform. Planet Crust built the CRM Suite directly on the Corteza. This approach is key. Corteza imposes the minimum on your business, allowing you to easily define how your business works. This means you can use your CRM at the heart of your digital transformation strategy, if required. It also means that business integration is more straightforward.

6. The best free CRM uses standardised technology

Standards should be high on the checklist of any organisation looking to implement a CRM Suite. This is because, many CRM vendors try to lock you into their systems. They do this by processing and storing your data in non-standardised and “unique” ways. Corteza delivers standards in spades from data formats to identity management. We’re always seeking to improve and key consideration in any product design meeting is to refer to what standards are available to consult.

7. A real open-source Salesforce alternative exists

It sure does and it’s superior in so many ways. Get started for free today!

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