When to use Rapid Application Development?

Corteza is widely known for the excellence of its CRM Suite, the leading open-source alternative to Salesforce. Much of its strength comes from the fact that its build process was inspired by the “Lightning” low-code platform. However, Corteza did add some extra features and user friendliness not present in Salesforce.

The Corteza Rapid Application Development platform is the ideal companion for enabling your digital transformation strategy. Or, for simply building once-off business applications. This is because Corteza delivers a Rapid Application Development environment with the best of “no-code low-code” practices.

The Corteza Low-Code Platform should be your first port of call for business application development

As an example of what you can make, Corteza provides its CRM and its Service Solution for open-source case management. More such advanced Corteza applications will be delivered this year, including:

– Education Cloud software for school management
– Insurance Cloud for claims processing
– HR Cloud for human capital management.

However, the Corteza low-code platform can serve as an online business creator for all your commercial needs. You can make advanced applications such as those listed above or simpler applications.

With Corteza you can assemble as many applications on one instance of your platform as you wish. Corteza naturally provides open-source bpms (business process management systems) requirements. You can create smart apps to serve your organisation with ease. Imagine: firstly, you cut your development budget by 90%. Secondly, you enjoy long-term supported software. And thirdly, you are not dependent on a single developer. That’s possible when using Corteza for rapid application development.

Customising Corteza

Likewise, your interest might be to customise Corteza’s existing products. With the Corteza low-code development platform this process is a pleasure. For instance, you can modify quotes in your CRM in minutes, and include advanced functionality. Or, you can modify Lead data with the open-source workflow your business requires. And, customise reports in the CRM and add them to your favourite views in a heartbeat. Keeping a customer-focused approach means tracking your sales in CRM in a manner which can evolve quickly with your needs.

Times are challenging, but the quality of software delivery to your business should improve nonetheless. The Corteza low-code platform gives all the resources your organisation needs, in one single platform:

– Data Model Builder
– Web Page Builder
– Team Messaging
– Advanced automation and open-source workflow builder
– Application Management
– Identity and Access Management

Corteza helps you unify your business. Try out the demo today.

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