What is the Full Meaning of CRM?

So “CRM” stands for Customer Relationship Management. However, the practice is that the term is vaguely defined, with many competing interpretations of what it should mean. Clearly, it’s about having a customer-focused approach, but what makes a great modern CRM, be that a free CRM or otherwise?

Crust, the Open-Source Low-Code Development Platform and Salesforce Alternative

Since the launch of Crust and its community project, Corteza, in 2019, adoption has gone from strength to strength. Industry leaders, medium sized enterprises and small businesses use the platform. This is because Crust truly understands CRM, be that a a company CRM, public sector CRM or even a nonprofit CRM.

On a technical level, Crust is first and foremost the open-source low-code development platform. At its very heart it is based on the notion that a customer-focused approach requires flexibility. A business or organisation must be able to react to its customer profiles. This means reacting in as close to real-time as possible.

Sometimes the economic context can change overnight. A wholesale CRM may need to become a retail CRM. The “low-code no-code” approach in Crust eases that transition. Additionally, a business might need to undergo an entire digital transformation strategy. For instance, a local public administration might need to embrace “Smart” government practices and extend them to the citizens it serves. Once again, Crust will equip your organisation with all the tools required to make that leap forward.

Integrating with Other Solutions

Businesses often need to integrate with the wide variety of apps and devices that their customers use. Data is king. So, delivering the optimal service or customer experience depends on being able to accommodate modern platforms and technological fashions. It’s not just about collecting the data or building custom business apps. It’s about getting that single three hundred and sixty degree of your customer(s). There’s a big difference between having real, actionable information and just having raw data.

The best CRM’s help grow your understanding of your customer. Crust, the best free CRM, does just that. Core features include:

– The capability to assemble and evolve rich customer profiles
– Present information in user-friendly formats across many platforms and devices
– Absorb customer-related data from any system and enhance your competitiveness
– Integrate with complementary omni-channel, third-party technologies
– Anticipate your customers and deliver great customer service

To conclude, at the end of the day, it’s all about putting the customer first. So, that’s what gives meaning to your CRM Suite and Crust excels in delivering.

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