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What Is Hospitality Software?

In today’s modern business environment, the overall hospitality software can require tracking, collecting, and monitoring large amounts of data. However, this can be time-consuming and repetitive if performed manually. Therefore, hospitality software can help streamline and consolidate the entire workflow process. 

A hospitality software system is defined as a set of software solutions designed to automate and simplify hotel operations and management. Hospitality software includes hotel management software, customer relationship management software, data reporting, and analytics. 

Features Of Hospitality Software 

1) Guest experience management

One of the most critical aspects of the hospitality industry is monitoring and managing guest experiences. Hospitality software can help you create guest profiles for each guest so that you can view previous historical interactions and track guest preferences such as allergies, reservation data, and other specific requests. 

This can help provide better guest experiences for current guests and help document valuable preference data for returning guests. 

2) Maintenance management

Your business needs to ensure that rooms are sanitary and cleaned at regular time intervals. However, organizations with many rooms can be challenging to keep track of every single day. Furthermore, allocating human resources such as housekeeping for each room can prove to be time-consuming and ultimately fruitless. 

Hospitality software can help your business automatically keep track of which rooms need cleaning before a guest arrives, record data regarding how many rooms are cleaned each day, allocate housekeeping staff to each room, and schedule quality checkups and repairs. 

3) Payment processing

Digital payment processing systems can help increase overall organizational efficiency and prevent financial safety breaches. Furthermore, due to the uprise of the ongoing global pandemic, many guests may prefer to make contactless payments. Studies show 46% of consumers believe that contactless payment systems are one of the most critical safety measures that a business can undergo. 

Furthermore, digital payment processing tools can enable your business to accept multiple financial currencies, prioritize financial data security encryption and protect sensitive guest profiles and personal information. 

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4) Review management

Before making reservations, many guests rely on online reviews to reaffirm the value of their prospective hospitality experience. Research shows that customers tend to spend approximately 31% more when a business has favourable online reviews. Therefore, your business must prioritize managing guest reviews on third-party platforms and including them on your website. 

Your business is also responsible for responding to guest reviews and addressing reviews highlighting negative guest experiences. Hospitality software can help your business keep track of incoming guest reviews on multiple different third-party platforms.

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Crust- Build Your Hospitality Software

Crust’s open-source, low-code CRM Suite can help your business build its hospitality software. Crust’s CRM software solutions are equipped with graphic visualization features, chart-making tools and rich data dashboards that can help your business obtain a 360-degree overview of guest data. Try a demo so that you can streamline and automate your hospitality provision process.

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