What are inbound sales?

For a business to survive successfully, sales are an indispensable part of the growth process. The sole motive of any business is selling its products and services. Every single operation preceding that including research, finance,and marketing is just an effort towards higher lead conversions. Sales are majorly of two types namely inbound and outbound. And while most marketers stay divided on which one is better, both types of sales have unique benefits of their own.

Inbound sales are deals that take place when an interested consumer approaches your business with an inquiry about your product or service. In a world where 57% of the selling process is covered before a customer ever interacts with a company, inbound selling techniques are a magic potion for salespeople.

Benefits of Inbound Sales

As opposed to outbound sales, inbound sales bring extra benefits to a business. Three of the most relevant features of inbound sales are:

1. Cost-effectiveness

When you are not the one reaching out to customers, you save on various costs such as cold calling, advertising, email marketing etc.

2. Time-efficiency

You give your time only to interested customers and not a myriad of prospective leads.

3. Higher conversion rate

When a customer calls, it is evident that they are already keen to buy your product. This significantly increases lead to account conversion rate.

How to increase inbound sales for your company

1. Invest in inbound marketing

According to Weidert.com, 62% of people prefer to consult a search engine to learn more about a product as opposed to a salesperson. This makes it crucial for businesses to rank high on search engine result pages. By making your team answer questions relevant to your target customers, you can generate more inbound leads. Most inbound marketers use blogs and social media posts to generate leads, while some businesses opt for free e-books.

2. Call to Action on your pages

Call to Action buttons like ‘request a free call’ or ‘contact us’ prompt prospects to reach out to you. Flashing your support team’s eagerness to help can make the prospects feel important. Hence, it is vital to display the ‘call to action’ buttons as often as you organically can. With Crust’s open-source low-code platform, you can easily drag, drop and add buttons on your websites. You need not worry about investing in a software developer for this.

3. Automatically message customers

Responding to queries on time can determine conversion rates to a great extent. Therefore, it is a smart move to automate the scheduling of calls with inquisitive customers. With Crust open-source CRM’s automation features, you can easily automate most messaging processes and respond to all the leads on time.

4. Social media integration

According to IBM, 55% of buyers do their research through social networks. Most prospects would not want to make an account on a page just to enquire about a product. This is where Crust CRM supports logins like Google, Facebook etc. The RestAPI base of Crust CRM ensures efficient social media sales integration as per the needs of your business.

5. Market to the right people

Inbound sales can be increased exponentially if you market to the right people. Use your existing client database to curate the perfect buyer persona for your prospective customer. Then you can use multichannel marketing to target groups having similar personas.

74% of CRM users believe that CRM has increased their access to consumer data. An open-source CRM software stores all the past and current client data, including suggestions, feedback and messages. This lets you predict and solve customer problems and eventually market only to the right leads.

How Crust’s low-code CRM platform helps increase inbound sales

The open-source Salesforce alternative from Crust comes with exemplary customization and automation features. The flexible sales instrument enables fast and easy communication with inbound leads with its instant-messaging tools. Our interactive, user-friendly self-hosted software allows your salespeople to retrieve and analyze any data necessary for lead generation. This stellar set of features makes Crust CRM the perfect tool for your venture. Try the demo and make your company reach high revenue figures with minimum spending.

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