What Are Examples of Case Management?

If there’s something that unites healthcare, law firms, educators, and business professionals, it’s case management. Essentially, case managers are subject matter experts, navigators, and confidants who can deliver their expertise on a complex issue and unwind the tangle. Case management, in simple terms, is quite similar to a business problem-solving approach that requires various data inputs and analyses to derive certain conclusions or reach a point of resolution.

Examples of Case Management

A century ago, case management began as a function in healthcare and social services. Today, it has traversed several verticals and shown good progress in terms of its usability and significance. Not just that, we now have several case management software solutions that facilitate the process and make case management hassle-free. Let’s look at some of the areas where you can find case management in action:

1. Customer Service Requests

Suppose you have recently grabbed a decent share of sales for a certain product at your organization. Now, suddenly your team finds a lot of service requests arising for the particular product. You have no time or resources to develop a code for handling the requests in a timely manner, but letting the customers down can cost you a fortune.

In such cases, a well-established workflow with automated tasks and responses can be very useful. A free case management system can help you track, analyze, and handle multiple requests which wouldn’t have been possible manually. The best part here is, a low-code case customer service solution can prevent you from spending too much time into understanding the software, and help you deliver quick services and avoid customer frustration.

2. Requests and Approvals

Often, a few approval requests become the barrier in carrying out other processes which ultimately slacken the progress of the entire organization. If such situations are carried out through open-source case management software, you can easily check and respond to requests in real-time. This example can also apply to integrated school management systems wherein requests and approvals are a key feature in daily routines. Another advantage that comes in is that the software for school management keeps all stakeholders informed about the status of the approvals. Smart schooling can be possible with a reliable software solution.

3. Legal Case Management

A legal advisor needs to access several resources while working on particular cases. They need to look through various data and records, and even switch between different cases without disturbing the flow of one case. They keep on juggling between numerous documents while ensuring that the complex regulations are taken care of. All of this becomes easier with a free legal software case management solution. Simply with the help of dashboards and workflows, you can move across your essential reports and routine documents without losing track of anything.

4. Talent Management

HR case management is one of the most common examples of case management. Regular Emails and Spreadsheets cannot help you handle dynamic and time-consuming tasks such as employee onboarding, follow-ups, etc. efficiently. But with cloud case management, you can successfully ensure all onboarding requirements are met, goals and objectives are clarified, and new employee data is integrated with internal software of the organization.

5. Non-profit Services

Several community services and non-profit organizations have to tackle a variety of cases every day, most of which can be easily solved with the help of IT intervention. Open-source case management software can bring all the people associated with their services on a single ground. It can ensure all programs stay updated with maximum efficiency and throughput.

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