Top 10 benefits of business process automation

Companies all over the world continually try to achieve efficiency. All the processes in a company contribute towards one goal – an optimal business design that best solves all the organizational problems while yielding the highest results. One of the most efficient tools to achieve that level of optimization is business process automation.

Automation has become an integral part of every business. According to McKinsey, approximately 31% of businesses have fully automated at least one business function. Therefore, with the growing integration of automation into various business processes, modern organizations must understand the advantages of business process automation.

Business process automation is defined as the incorporation of certain types of digital software and tools that can automate certain time-consuming and repetitive organizational tasks that would have otherwise required human intervention.

Benefits Of Business Process Automation

1) Reduced Operational Costs

Performing business processes manually requires a large amount of financial and human resources. However, performing certain time-consuming and tedious tasks automatically can help reduce the amount of financial and human resources required to be allocated to certain tasks. Furthermore, performing certain error-prone business processes automatically can help avoid the risk of human error; which results in substantial wastage of organizational resources.

Business process automation can also help your business do much more in significantly less time, which will ultimately improve organizational profitability in the long run.

2) Increased Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of business process automation is the amount of time that can be saved instead of performing certain business processes manually.

Business process automation can help automate administrative tasks such as payroll, paperwork, regulatory compliance, and much more that would have otherwise had to have been performed manually by an organizational employee. This enables your business’s employees to work on higher-level, more intellectually stimulating business processes; which will help improve efficiency and productivity.

3) Reduced Human Errors

Although human errors are usually inevitable while performing certain tasks manually, they can cause irreversible and irreparable damage to certain projects and an organization as a whole.

Furthermore, errors are typically very expensive and time-consuming to address and can ultimately impact the profitability of your business. According to a study by IBM, human error is the main cause of approximately 95% of all cybersecurity breaches.

However, the risk of human error can be almost completely eliminated through automation tools by requiring an extremely small amount of manual human involvement.

4) Improved Employee Satisfaction and Engagement

Studies have shown that companies with high levels of employee engagement are 21% more profitable than their counterparts. Therefore, modern businesses must focus on employee retention and prioritize employee satisfaction. However, employees may grow dissatisfied performing the same tedious and repetitive business processes for extended periods of time.

Business process automation can help automate a multitude of business processes so that they can be performed almost completely autonomously. This will then empower employees to work on more intellectually stimulating daily tasks, improving employee satisfaction and engagement levels.

5) Automated Governance And Compliance

Every business in every industry has a predetermined set of organizational rules, governmental regulations, and policies that they are required to follow. However, manually keeping track of documentation and paperwork can be tedious and complex. Business process automation software can help automatically collect and keep track of organizational data to ensure that your business is following various governance and compliance regulations and establish standardized procedures for monitoring various business processes.

6) Transparent Performance Insights

Performance insights are an extremely important aspect of making sure that your business is meeting current and future goals and objectives. Therefore, business process automation software can help automatically collect, monitor, and analyze organizational data to obtain valuable performance insights. Business process automation software dashboards can also be personalized and customized to obtain relevant insights.

7) Better Customer Service

A study conducted by Microsoft concluded that 58% of American consumers would switch companies due to poor customer service. Therefore, modern businesses should always prioritize consistently improving customer service processes. Business process automation can substantially improve customer service by not only performing automatic quality level assurance checks but also introducing automated chatbots that are equipped with predetermined answers from cloud-based databases.

Optimized customer service channels and touchpoints can help your business obtain a significant competitive advantage over your counterparts.

8) Human Resource Allocation

When performing certain business processes manually, employees may not be able to fully explore their skills, talent and potential as they will most likely be required to dedicate the majority of their time to time-consuming and repetitive business processes. However, business process automation tools can empower employees to work on more intellectually stimulating organizational tasks as well as enable your business to allocate human resources based mainly on intellectual skill and talent.

9) Facilitates Long-Term Scalability

As your business grows in resources and profit, you must also proportionally increase organizational scalability. Since business process automation can help your business achieve much more in significantly less time than ever before, it can help facilitate long-term scalability which will ultimately increase your business’s productivity and profitability.

10) Cross-Departmental Collaboration

75% of employees have stated that they view workplace collaboration as being very important. Therefore, business process automation software can enable your organization to facilitate cross-departmental collaboration by introducing tools such as automated reminders, project update tracking features and much more.

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