What Is the Future Of Automation?

Decades ago, scientists and sci-fi authors dreamt of a technology that could understand, plan and execute tasks without any human intervention. Today that dream has turned into reality. The rapid evolution of digital technology and AI has not only enabled automation in workplaces but also significantly increased its average utility levels over the last few decades.

Mckinsey estimates that automation can boost the global economy by 1.4% annually. As automation techniques continue to be integrated into professional industries, the productivity, safety, efficiency, and overall profitability quotients of office operations have experienced overwhelming growth rates.

Future of Automation

Automation technologies have been used efficiently by many organisations. But the resources that automation offers are best utilised by organisations that opt for open-source solutions. Because of its abundant accessibility, open-source support collaboration on a global level.

This not only prevents vendor lock-in but makes technology affordable and secure for all users. By supplementing artificial intelligence and automation technology with the freedom that open-source brings, organisations can reap the following benefits:

1) Increased Productivity

Automation techniques can help businesses perform certain repetitive, time-consuming tasks almost completely autonomously. This can help employees perform crucial tasks more quickly.

Automation also increases the overall efficiency of a workplace by freeing up employees’ valuable time. This time can then be utilised to work on higher-level organisational tasks. Automation can hence benefit all the departments of an office. Studies have shown that marketing automation can lead to a 14.5% increase in sales productivity and a 12.2% reduction in marketing overhead.

2) Collaboration

One of the key benefits of open-source automation technology is increased opportunities for effective digital collaboration. As remote-working becomes more and more of a priority for most organisations, digital workforce collaboration is more important now than ever.

Collaborative automation technology can help improve communication channels within your organisation, which will allow essential data and information to be easily shared amongst employees. This open communication and availability of valuable data will allow your business to drastically improve its customer retention and satisfaction rates in the future.

3) Minimisation of error

Automation technology can perform complicated calculations that would previously take hours in a matter of seconds. Automated AI technology such as machine learning can be programmed to perform complex business tasks with a high accuracy level without the probability of human error.

Automated robotics technology will also prove to be vital during surgical procedures that require an incredibly precise and controlled set of movements, which can be performed more capably by a machine than a human.

Additionally, open-source automation platforms are under constant scrutiny. Since the algorithm of open-source platforms is exposed to numerous developers, the probability of error detection and eradication increases exponentially.

4) Customer service

Using automation software can significantly help improve your business’s customer service. Businesses can automate processes such as pre-written replies to customer queries, live chat boxes and sending automatically generated promotional emails with a negligible response time. 88% of customers expect a response from a business within the first 60 minutes.

Automation technology can also be used to provide consumers with self-service options, which has shown to be preferred by a large number of customers as compared to speaking to a company representative. Automation Software will help businesses substantially improve their customer retention rates by increasing consumer’s brand loyalty.

The Automation Tool For the Future

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