How To Combine Low-Code With Agile To Improve Your Business

Low-code is a visual approach to software development that requires minimal or even no coding to build powerful enterprise applications and process automations. Instead of complex coding languages, a low-code development platform employs the use of visual interfaces with simple logic and drag-and-drop editors.

Agile was introduced several years before low-code. It was such a game-changing approach to application development that it’s no surprise that the core principles of Agile are currently mirrored in low-code platforms.

Businesses that utilize both Agile and low-code have the advantage of implementing new applications and processes quickly, giving them an edge over their competitors by anticipating market trends and demands. A recent study conducted by Gartner reveals that approximately 65% of all application development activity will be a result of low-code applications by the year 2024.

Low-code platforms enable citizen development teams within large enterprises to meet their enterprise application needs without needing to turn to the software developement department, allowing those software departments to complete complex business processes much more quickly and efficiently, thus increasing overall organizational productivity.

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Top 10 benefits of business process automation

Companies all over the world continually try to achieve efficiency. All the processes in a company contribute towards one goal – an optimal business design that best solves all the organizational problems while yielding the highest results. One of the most efficient tools to achieve that level of optimization is business process automation.

Automation has become an integral part of every business. According to McKinsey, approximately 31% of businesses have fully automated at least one business function. Therefore, with the growing integration of automation into various business processes, modern organizations must understand the advantages of business process automation.

Business process automation is defined as the incorporation of certain types of digital software and tools that can automate certain time-consuming and repetitive organizational tasks that would have otherwise required human intervention.

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How To Accelerate The Growth Of My Small Business?

Growth is one of the most important aspects of creating and developing any small business. Furthermore, growth is extremely crucial for the long-term development of an organization.

Organizational growth can enable your small business to fully take advantage of all available opportunities, attract the best human resources, increase marketing communication and increase sales and overall organizational performance. There are several smart business practices that your business can undergo to facilitate and encourage organizational growth.

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How To Solve Complex Software And Business Issues

As the organizational workload of modern businesses continue to grow exponentially, the number of software and business problems that they must identify and eradicate daily is also increasing. Whether it is a technical issue or a managerial issue, problem-solving is an extremely important business function that all organizations should prioritize.

According to Mckinsey, only one-third of businesses are prepared to address potential organizational disruptions. Therefore, software development platforms can help your business tackle short-term and long-term potential software and business.

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