How to set up an automated business

As the economic squeeze continues, many businesses will be asking how automation can help them and their staff become more productive, focus their efforts on relationship building and service existing customers more effectively.

Automate everything in the Corteza low-code Platform

Whether it’s a CRM suite, open-source workflow automation, record management software, education management systems or an online business creator, Crust’s low-code Platform for rapid application development – Corteza can advance your business growth. Improving work-from-home capability has been a priority for most recently. As a result, many businesses are looking for an effective digital transformation strategy in the medium-term. The goal is to ensure staff can deliver better results, irrespective of where they are located.

Crust’s CRM Suite is built on a low-code Platform

Many know Crust’s CRM Suite as an open-source CRM, the leading Salesforce alternative in the domain of free CRMs. However, the Crust’s CRM Suite is built on a low-code Platform – Corteza, which in turn revolves around the excellence of the Corteza “Corredor”. This is an engine which can dynamically automate any component on the Corteza platform, such as:

  • All pre-built Corteza Applications (e.g. CRM Suite and Service Solution)
  • New or custom built low-code applications
  • Corteza System (e.g. for identity and access management)

Whether you are automating leads in CRM, business integration, a BPMS tool or simply looking to replicate Jira from Atlassian without the hefty price tag,Corteza’s unique mix of building blocks and Corredor automation can deliver. What is a BPMS without serious workflow capabilities? What is case management without being able to join customer issues and service staff together in the most effective manner? Or, what is Smart Schooling with without being able to put the needs of the students first?

Build data models for every use case

Corteza allows your organisation build data models for every use case you have. It deliver them in one application on the platform or in many applications on the same platform. They speak to one another with Corredor and map data, distribute tasks and preform vital calculations and transformations. Furthermore, Corredor automation works in perfect harmony with the Corteza RestAPI. This allows high-quality communication with third party systems and other independent Corteza platforms.

Corteza’s tools to import and normalise data permit the platform to perform the role of a secure, private and central data hub for your organisation. Setting up an automated business means being able to understand, marry and co-ordinate the various data models and feature sets your organisation requires around one flexible web platform. Whether your goal is to get market leading CRM for free or build custom application software on our low-code platform, Corteza has all the tools to become the center of gravity for your automation needs.

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  1. Millie Hue
    Millie Hue says:

    I like that you pointed out that businesses would choose to have digital improvements to help their staff deliver better results wherever they are. I can imagine how an industrial automation control system provider can help with that, especially when the facility is a huge property. It will help the owner to also have a way to monitor various areas to see if every process would be working effectively.


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