How To Increase Employee Productivity

Many factors contribute to the overall growth of a business. An important yet unseen factor being employee productivity. When employee potential is hindered, the performance of the workplace slows down. Managers should hence continually deploy practices that increase employee productivity in the workplace. Efficient employees manage their time judiciously and complete tasks at a faster rate than their unmotivated peers. This increases the overall output of the business, eventually leading to high returns.

Managers can boost employee productivity by offering employees clear goals, well-managed schedules, proper training and organising various Employee Engagement activities.  According to, an engaged team can lead to a 202% higher cumulative performance.

1. Flexible schedules and remote work

An office that offers flexible hours and remote work options is sought after by many professionals. 78% of professionals with college degrees say that they prefer flexible time schedules. Having flexible working hours increases employee efficiency because different people have different prime productivity hours.

Remote work saves a lot of time for employees. They usually spend a lot of time commuting. It also increases employee satisfaction and minimizes employee turnover. Companies that offer remote work services experience 25% lower turnover rates than those that don’t.

Crust’s CRM Suite has enterprise-grade messaging features that support remote work both during regular work schedules and against time and location restrictions.

2. Optimize emails

Clockify claims that people spend an average of 13 hours per week on emails. Fixing email time in the office can hence significantly increase the overall productivity of the employees. Automating client follow-ups and repetitive email marketing processes is also an excellent way to increase efficiency.

Crust’s automation services can help you schedule and automate all kinds of periodic email processes.

3. Training and development

Training helps cultivate and improve job-relevant skills in the employees. Feedback and training evaluation sessions also serve as a kind of motivation and encouragement for employees. Employees get more efficient at their jobs because of the skills they learn during training.

4. Improved office communication

Smooth and functional office communication is the harbinger of employee efficiency. Communication improves team-work, encourages employee engagement, develops trust and promotes a healthy interdependence between departments. Communication is also important for employees who deal directly with clients. Constant follow-ups are key to higher lead-conversion rates and increased profits. Managers hence need to ensure that proper communication channels are in place in the office across all the departments that work together.

5. Automated workflows

Introducing and executing a linear workflow pattern can help increase employee productivity in your office. Contrary to popular belief, multitasking decreases the overall productivity in an office. reports that task switching kills productivity by up to 80%. Introducing an automated linear-workflow system in the office can minimize the need for multitasking in two ways- streamlining the tasks in chronological order and automating the tasks that do not require human intervention.

6. Work-life balance

Your employees are humans, not machines. They are whole individuals who have a life outside of the office. To ensure you preserve the most talented people within the organization, you must ensure that your employees have a work-life balance. That is, offer them flexibility if they need it. Offer employee-benefit schemes that extend towards family members and simplify the leave-review processes. A happy employee contributes more to the job at hand and leads to higher overall productivity.

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    I like your bold viewpoints on this subject. I can tell you have a passion for writing. Your writing style is both informational and persuasive in this article


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