How To Automate Emailing In A Low-Code Platform

As digital technology continues to evolve exponentially, the use of automation is becoming increasingly integrated into modern business processes. Low-code platforms can be used to automate and streamline various repetitive and time-consuming tasks such as email communication.

Studies show that automated emails can generate up to 320% more organizational revenue than non-automated emails. Low-code platforms can help automate emailing through workflows and email templates, which can help create a generic email document structure that can later be automatically customized based on available data.

Benefits Of Email Marketing Automation

1) Workflow Efficiency

One of the most significant advantages of email marketing automation is increased workflow efficiency. To ensure operational success, Your business needs to communicate with existing and prospective customers consistently.

Therefore, email marketing automation can help your business send personalized emails to a large group of customers, almost eliminating the need to create personalized emails for each customer.

This will not only increase workflow efficiency but will allow your sales and marketing representatives to focus on other aspects of your business’s email marketing strategies.

2) Better User Experiences

Most brand email communication involves payment reminders or traditional marketing strategies. However, email marketing automation can improve user experiences by sending promotional emails regarding upcoming sales, discounts, reminders, and other incentives.

This will help your business increase open email rates, build better customer relationships, increase lead conversion rates, increase website traffic, and much more.

3) Personalization

Customers are more likely to disregard email communication that is not customized or personalized using their personal details and preferences. Therefore, automation tools can be used to access cloud-based central data repositories with consumer’s personal details to personalize all email communication.

Studies indicate that emails with personalized subject emails can generate 50% higher email open rates. Furthermore, research indicates that including a recipient’s name in the email subject line can increase email open rates by upto 18.30%.

4) Reduced Errors

If promotional email communication contains easily identifiable and avoidable errors, prospective and existing consumers may lose interest and trust in your business.

However, email marketing can help identify the number of potential errors in emails before they are sent, making them look much more professional and organized. This can help improve your consumer’s brand awareness, enhance your business’s brand identity, and can increase organizational revenue volume in the long run.

Crust CRM – Automate Your Business’s Email Marketing

Crust’s open-source, low-code Customer Relationship Management (C.R.M.) software solutions can help your business automate various aspects of the marketing process, such as email communication. Corredor, Crust’s end-to-end automation engine, can be used to build highly efficient workflows and easily execute input commands.

Try a demo so that your business can take advantage of the various benefits of email marketing automation.

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