How much does it cost to create an app for my business?

The answer to this question, of course, depends on the approach taken. Possible approaches are:

  • Traditional in-house development
  • Outsourced development
  • Low-Code development (either in-house or outsourced)

Traditional in-house development and outsourced development is normally slow and expensive. However, Low-Code development is fast, and it saves money.

Crust, the open-source Low-Code Development platform is the perfect way to create enterprise-grade applications.

Low-Code Development is an industry that’s growing at pace. The reasons are apparent. For instance:

  • You can create apps more quickly with Low-Code.
  • It’s easier to make changes to an app built in Low-Code. Companies grow, so the apps must evolve with the needs of the company.
  • Why pay between twice and ten times the cost for the same result?

As the open-source Low-Code Development platform, Crust goes even further. Why so? Simply because even if you’re only using Crust for Low-Code Development, you still get all of the software code. This makes it safer to work on your valuable digital transformation strategy or even just standalone applications.

As projects grow in scale, the value of Crust Low-Code becomes more and more evident. Smart City infrastructures can be expanded and tailored as required. IoT dashboards can be elaborated in infinite detail. Energy industry solutions can have all the flexibility needed to deal with modern regulatory demands. Public sector solutions can inter-operate seamlessly with older, legacy systems. Connected schools can share data quickly and securely while protecting privacy. End-to-end customer engagement gets so much easier for manufacturers. Companies is the financial service industry can easily isolate applications from one another while residing on the same platform.

Examples of Enterprise-grade Low-Code Applications

For examples of enterprise-grade Low-Code applications built on the Crust platform, look no further than the Crust CRM Suite and the Crust Service Solution. We created both of these exclusively on Crust Low-Code. Fortune 1000 companies, major public institutions and small to medium enterprises too, currently use these apps.

As the leading open-source Salesforce alternative, Crust CRM Suite can replicate the Salesforce build logic and BPMN engine. The user experience and user interface can even be made to look and feel similar (though many say superior!). As an example of software application development done on a Low-Code Development platform, Crust CRM Suite is a great showcase. Check it out in our online demo!

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