How Important is a CRM Today?

Imagine you run a successful business- your product is excellent, your supply chain is perfectly functional, and you have secured the most viable accounts in the industry. Now, you might think that merely having an establishment like that is enough to survive in the corporate sector, but that is not true.

Customer retention is more important and profitable than customer acquisition in the long run. Acquiring new business costs as much as five times more than investing in returning accounts. In a nutshell, you have to build a system that ensures recurring business from existing customers to be able to sustain.

A Customer Relationship Management solution or a CRM helps you retain your existing customers while also pursuing and acquiring new leads. CRM platforms are responsible for fostering strong service support for the customers that forges the clients’ loyalty towards your brand. This affects the business’ growth in terms of revenue and size and eventually elevates the company’s status in its industry.

Why is a CRM platform important today?

1. Helps you know your customers inside-out

56% of the customers claim that they tend to stay more loyal to the brands that “get them.” A CRM platform helps you do exactly that- “get” your customers. CRM platforms usually carry a database of client history and interactions. This enables you to delve deeper into your customers’ preferences and tailor your future correspondence with them accordingly.

Knowing your customers can not only strengthen relationships with existing accounts but can also help you predict the preferences of similar leads. The CRM Suite by Planet Crust offers users a 360-degree overview of all your customers. You can use it to access all the information you have on your clients, including the messaging history.

2. Boosts sales and communication

Modern CRM platforms come with various lead management tools that help you research, pursue and acquire new prospects. CRM solutions also offer features that can be used to set up periodic follow-up calls, email marketing send-outs and chat rooms.

Planet Crust’s open-source CRM solution comes with several features that can help boost marketing and close sales deals. Some of the great features include finely tuned custom dashboards, personalised lists and views, and other tools that allow sales agents to quickly access relevant information.

3. Increased efficiency

The best CRM platforms today come with automation technology that helps increase the efficiency in an organisation. Well-structured business process models and automated workflows ensure seamless execution of back-office processes with no human intervention. This saves your employees the time they would spend doing repetitive tasks and increasing the organisation’s overall efficiency.

Planet Crust’s open-source CRM platform has a peripheral workflow engine and is based on an API-centric approach. Together, these features allow you to automate the most vital organisational tasks and manage your office more efficiently than ever.

4. Flexibility

The right CRM system allows its users to customise and is built on a modern architecture that allows an integrated approach towards task and workflow management.

Planet Crust’s open-source CRM solution is based on low-code and offers several customizable modules that you can use to tailor the platform according to your needs. The ‘drag-and-drop’ functionality makes customization incredibly easy, so much so that employees can even do it without prior training.

Planet Crust’s CRM – your one-stop solution for all customer-related problems

With the low-code CRM platform Corteza by Planet Crust, your organisation has lead-management software, case management, low-code app-builder and workflow automation all in one. The cloud-based platform has exceptional service and has the capability of reaping high rewards for businesses. To determine whether it is compatible with your business or not, Get a free trial of the stellar CRM solution.

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