How Can I Make My Own App For Free?

As the leading, advanced open-source CRM Suite, Crust delivers a user experience and feature set over and above the likes of Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics365. At the same time, as the premium Golang CRM, it delivers performance and reliability at scale. And via its Corteza community, it delivers free CRM software with an unprecedented level of freedom and value. That’s because the Crust’s CRM Suite is powered by its own low-code platform – Corteza.

What can I build with a low-code platform?

The Corteza low-code platform allows your organisation to build an unlimited number of applications. Building free CRMs is one thing, but what about when you need to build other applications? For example:

  • Smart Apps
  • A Business Integration App
  • Software for IoT Reporting
  • A BPMS Tool
  • Record Management Software
  • Open-source Case Management Software
  • A Free Workflow Tool
  • An Alternative to Jira from Atlassian
  • A Smart Schooling App

Your company CRM will inevitably play an important role in your business. You normally use it as a core component of any customer-focused approach. However, to be truly effective, it must interact with other elements of your business.

The gap between your CRM and disparate applications in your environment should be non-existent where possible. So, building supporting applications on Crust low-code is a good way to deliver this added value to your business.

Additionally, Crust’s extensive RestAPI is not limited only to Crust’s CRM Suite, Crust Service Solution. For instance, it can also be applied to any new application you build on the open-source low-code Development platform. Imagine 10 different applications serving 10 different departments from one platform. All sharing required data and/or data transformations smoothly between them and all with their own unique, user access controls. Crust makes it easy.

Digital Transformation thanks to Low-Code

Corteza’s powerful data model layer drives your business to new levels. The Corteza low-code development environment means that plans as ambitious as the complete digital transformation of your business are manageable, without straying from a customer-focused approach. In other words, build free apps to complement your CRM Suite or any other application in your IT department without technological risk.

The Crust’s CRM Suite is not just an advanced CRM tool. Additionally, you can add your own tailored business apps. So, safely evolve your business to where your future lies.

Digital Transformation Strategy infografic

How can you start building your own App?

To start building your own free low-code applications, you need to follow these steps:

  1. Create the namespace (App)
  2. Set up the modules, and define the data you want to store
  3. Create pages, so that the user can insert and view records

In Corteza the menu is created automatically from your tree of pages. This means you can won’t have to create the menu yourself. Additionally, you can enrich each page with advanced charts or other types of blocks. And finally, you can add workflows and define what has to happen automatically. Visit the demo server and try it out!

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