How and why a low-code CRM will help you close more deals

A customer relationship management solution isn’t just a service tool; it is also a sales instrument. Managers across the globe have realised that an open-source low-code CRM is a useful ally to their sales teams. It not only improves customer-provider relationships but also enhances the company’s lifetime value. A study published by Tech News World revealed that 54% of all businesses are expected to improve their sales with CRM.

CRM software assists company employees to keep track of clients’ contact details, business interactions and other activities. The Corteza open-source low-code platform, developed and maintained by Planet Crust, is a powerful Salesforce alternative, that helps operatives interact with leads and team members more efficiently now than ever before. The low-code base allows fast communication by enabling customization and flexibility.

How a low-code CRM helps close deals

1. Automation saves time

Planet Crust’s low-code-based CRM enables you to automate almost all business processes. Equipped with a peripheral workflow engine, the API-centric platform helps you automate the most critical back-office processes. This saves the employees time and lets them focus on creating and executing more consumer-driven sales strategies. The swift creation of easy-to-read dashboards gives sales representatives a clear insight into the customer information they need in making immediate sales decisions.

2. Social media integration

Planet Crust’s low-code platform Corteza supports most of the widely used social logins like Google, Facebook, etc. This makes user registration much more convenient. Once the users are enrolled on the CRM Suite, they can start to work on following up on leads and closing deals.

3. Smarter marketing

74% of CRM users say that the system has increased its access to customer data. All the customer-related data, including client feedback, queries and suggestions are secured in the CRM. This data helps the company’s sales team to assess customer needs and predict their problems in advance. This information can be employed while devising marketing campaigns and eventually getting more leads. The more qualifying leads a business generates; the more sales deals are closed.

4. Rationalized sales management

By recording all communication with accounts and leads, CRM software helps sales operatives know exactly when the clients needs to be contacted. This helps the team understand which clients are up for contract renewal, product replacement or a new product altogether. Naturally, being ahead of the customer’s timelines helps them identify sales opportunities ahead of time and close more deals.

Planet Crust’s CRM is your sales team’s best friend and here is why

Planet Crust’s CRM comes equipped with a holistic view of all your customers. Every piece of customer information, including bills, messages and buying history is secured and presented in a unified space. It is a strong ally for salespeople and helps the team get a deeper understanding of customer needs enabling them to identify and act instantly. The highly customizable low-code CRM platform boosts teamwork by enabling efficient communication across departments. And finally, the software helps you add modules and charts as per your own experience. Get a free trial and see why Planet Crust’s CRM suite is best for your business.

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