Do We Need Digital Transformation?

If something unconventional tries to change the way you do business, apprehension arises as clear as day. Digital business transformation is a revolutionary concept that is looked upon with the same hesitation. Digital brings in disruption, and often it appears to be more expensive as compared to traditional practices.

But the bird’s eye view reveals a different scenario. Technology is an essential enabler. It no longer remains the hurdle in the race. Technology is providing great opportunities for businesses to expand and grow beyond any limitations.

To decide whether you need digital business transformation, let’s find out what it actually means.

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is the link between businesses, their products and services, and emerging technologies. In Layman’s terms, digital transformation embeds technology into the existing products and services to ensure the businesses deliver better value and the customers get what they want.

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic and the economic trough, the expenditure on digital transformation by businesses globally will touch 1.3 trillion USD. If this evidence isn’t enough, we can have a look at other frontiers where digital transformation can intervene in. Be it the banks relying on digital customer data to offer better services, or the hospitals working with patient data to deliver better care, digital transformation examples are everywhere around us.

Why Do We Need Digital Transformation?

Without letting you get intimidated by the vast digital landscape, the Corteza low-code platform, developed and maintained by Planet Crust, brings to you 3 pivotal steps, to help you understand what digital transformation has in store for you:

1. Stay connected with your customers:

A business rolls out a new product or a service, some customers buy it, and the story ends here. This creates an absence of communication that can estrange your customers from your brand. Instead, with personalized digital solutions, you can choose to stay connected with your customers, irrespective of what your original product or service is. You can carry out long-term customer relationship management initiatives and ensure better customer engagement.


2. Be the boss of your customer data:

Without a central integration for customer data and information, your insights can be scattered throughout your company. A proper digital transformation strategy can help you manage all the valuable data and act upon it, which was otherwise being lost. It can help you understand who your customer base comprises of, and what exactly are they looking for. You can furnish rich customer experiences and support with the help of innovative digital solutions.

3. Save more and grow faster:

While the customer front runs smooth, you need to run your background at the same pace. For instance, digital transformation in banking can help strengthen collaboration and performance efficiency across various locations for all customers. In the same light, you can get rid of skyrocketing operational costs and lagging operational processes at your organization. The ways in which digital business transformation can reinvent your business model, are no more singular.

Transform your business with Corteza

Strategic digital transformation allows a business to revamp obsolete products and services and convert them into financially sustainable digital entities. Planet Crust’s low-code, open-source software Corteza is the perfect tool to help your business revolutionize and revitalize existing and prospective digital transformation strategies. Get a free trial so that your business can take advantage of the power of low-code to make digital transformation easier than ever before.

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