Crust Releases version 2020.06 and Removes Paywall for All Products

Cork, Ireland, 30 June 2020

Crust Technology is excited to announce its latest major release, version 2020.06. Along with significant feature and functionality upgrades, Crust is also delighted to announce the removal of the paywall for all products in its portfolio. This means that the open-source Crust products are now free:

We’re thrilled with the latest features improvements and the expression of commercial confidence to remove the paywall on our product portfoliosays Niall McCarthy, CEO of Crust Technology.Crust is growing quickly and, with much innovation to come in 2020 and beyond, we’re proving we can adapt to fast-changing market realities effectively and aggressively”.

Crust Support Offerings Extended to Corteza

With the release of version 2020.06, Corteza is now officially a stable offering with feature equivalency to Crust, all issued under an Apache 2.0 license.

New Features and Improvements

This release includes a long list of new features, improvements and bug fixes. A lot has changed under the hood, improving performance even further.

The complete change log is visible at:

New features:

  • Brand new and improved charts for more advanced reporting
  • New metric page blocks

New Charts and Metric blocks allow you to see your KPI’s in a glance

  • Multi-record select option in record list, with the ability to add custom automation script as actions (for example: “delete all”, “mail all”, “sync all”)
  • Clone records option
  • Inline editing for record lists

Inline editing of records inside a record list

  • Automation (Corteza Corredor)
    • Added ability to bundle (via webpack) frontend scripts on the fly
    • Capacity to install dependencies (through yarn) on the fly
    • Added ability to load (3rd party) scripts as extensions and overload them if needed
  • Routed sink & mail events via new eventbus
  • Implemented event triggering (through eventbus) on, before and after all core points (resource creation, update, delete, login etc)
  • Private data (user’s email & name) masking
  • Added record browser tool for admins
  • Action (audit) log


  • Enhanced page builder and refactored page blocks & module field components

The enhanced Drag-And-Drop Low-Code Page Editor

  • Improved time zones support
  • Automation improvements (Corteza Corredor):
    • Revamped automation script triggering with eventbus package
    • More robust automation script triggering through REST API endpoints and improved scheduled & deferred automation with scheduler package
    • Restructured scripts (wrapped in a method) to allow (unit) testing
  • Improved record export

Improved record export

  • More extensive record value validation
  • And many overall UI improvements
  • Improved apps:
    • Crust CRM Suite (updated scripts, updated modules and new sales and marketing dashboards)
    • Service Solution (updated scripts and charts)
New home page of Crust CRM Suite

New home page of Crust CRM Suite


One of the new dashboards in Crust CRM Suite

One of the new dashboards in Crust CRM Suite

How to upgrade

In this release we have added tools that allow exporting of old automation scripts, making upgrading to this new major release easier. Check out the documentation to see how to install and maintain Crust.

Try it out

Try out the latest Crust features on the demo server.

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