CRM – What Does It Mean?

Would you believe that the next few minutes you spend reading about ‘What is CRM’, will make your business more efficient and profitable soon?

Curious, aren’t you?

We understand, operating a business poses its own challenges that are to be addressed with utmost caution and prudence. From the software you use to manage your operations, to the amount you spend on talent acquisition, you face hundreds of decisions every day. More often than not, these decisions have a direct influence on your employees and majorly, on your customers. No wonder, the latter is one of the most critical aspects of your business.

But here’s CRM – Customer Relationship Management software – to take the load off your shoulders. How? Let’s take a deep dive:

What is the meaning of CRM?

A basic CRM assists you in generating leads for your business and managing your existing customers in order to ensure maximum throughput from both activities. In technical terms, the functions of CRM include understanding customer data and interactions to derive actionable insights and thus, propel the business revenue.

What can a CRM suite help you solve?

About 91% of companies choose CRM for their customer-centric activities. And why is CRM their first choice?

With your company CRM, you can expect huge returns in terms of escalating revenues through excellent lead generation, abundant knowledge of marketing expenditure and outcomes, and consistency within your sales teams. In turn, these factors can bolster your customer experience and drive the customer satisfaction score to shoot up. Not just that, it can fortify your human resource potential. Manual tasks get replaced by timely, automated ones, and inefficiencies in the process flow keep on diminishing. In a nutshell, a customer management system can save you from a lot of hassles.

What does your company CRM do for you?

  1. Get hold of your customer data.Your open-source CRM software can store, manage, and organize all your customer data efficiently. You can track major customer data points and keep a neat record of all customer interactions, sales, and engagement.
  2. Automation for ease of communication.If business automation sounds expensive to you, you’d be delighted to know that the free CRM powered by Planet Crust is available for you! With the Planet Crust’s CRM, you can automate your sloppy manual processes and revitalize the customer experience. No more of those unsent emails, delayed follow-ups, or phone calls.
  3. Maintain the internal uniformity of data.A CRM can bridge the chasm between your sales and marketing teams. It ensures all your employees are on the same page and allows you to share data amongst them, selectively, to achieve the designated targets.
  4. Capture information for retention as well as acquisition.The CRM not only helps you identify the potential customers but also makes sure you qualify and captivate them. Watch your leads in the CRM turn into loyal customers, and even brand advocates, with incisive data-driven information and a strengthened sales pipeline.

CRM solutions are projected to grow at a CAGR of 14.2% until 2027. Take the leap with Planet Crust’s CRM, build on the open source low-code platform Corteza, and gain access to streamlined workflows and healthier customer relationships.

Get started for free today!

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