Why use HR software?

Human resource is the most integral part of an organization. Essential to businesses for their intelligent decision-making and comprehension skills, humans come with their own set of needs and requirements. This is where HR managers come in. From ensuring employee satisfaction to performance evaluations, HR managers hold enormous responsibility on their shoulders. Time is of paramount importance to them.

HR software is used to save HRM managers’ time by enabling them to automate processes that do not require human intervention like absence tracking, time monitoring, employee feedback, holiday allowance, payroll etc. While usually repetitive tasks take as much as 73.2% of HR personnel’s time, using HR software can help eliminate this wastage.

Benefits of Using HR software

HR software is an incredible management tool that deploys automation at your fingertips. Automation eliminates the need to do repetitive managerial tasks and results in the following benefits-

1. Increases company productivity

One of the most apparent benefits of using HR software is that it increases your HR team’s efficiency. Tasks like dispensing salaries, managing feedback, and appraisals can easily be automated. The top reason for improving productivity, according to 68% of workers, is fewer interruptions. The automation features of HR software ensure minimal process related interruption in the office, and workflows ensure that tasks proceed in a linear manner.

You can use Corteza’s low-code platform to build the perfect HR software for all your needs. You can use the automation engine to organize workflows and save your employees’ time.

2. Improves decision-making

A user-friendly, easy-to-use HR software will offer managers clear insight into employee performance, making it easier for you to make performance-based decisions.With HR software, you can not only retrieve information but also analyze the information to draw conclusive insights. This particular benefit comes in handy during the recruitment and employee onboarding processes.

Crust’s CRM Suite can offer you tools that can be used to create an extensive database of all your employees. This will make information retrieval easy and help you make the right decisions along the way.

3. Improves employee training

Using HR software enables efficient deployment of training and feedback solicitation. You can use your employee database to gauge the level of training and proficiency they already have and then assign training modules accordingly. A low-code based HR solution can help you create a review portal for both your employees and trainers for a transparent and collaborative training experience.

4. Ensures higher security

According to Staff Monitoring, 48% of the employees are responsible for data breaches in a company. Naturally, all that sensitive employee information, including conflicts, grievances, official reprimands etc., do not belong in a file cabinet. HR software offers managers a layer of digital security for data storage. Additionally, a digital file storage system helps you to eliminate the possibility of losing important information.

5. Cost-effective

While HR software mostly costs you a small fee at first, using one can help you cut overall organization costs in the long run. Increased productivity then results in improving overall performance and finally increased revenue. Using HR software also saves a massive portion of the staffing budget. Companies that use newly updated HRM software are known to save 22% of the cost per employee.

Crust, the all-encompassing HR solution

Crust’s open-source low-code software solution helps HR officials to reach the pinnacle of human resource handling and management. Its customizable tools enable effective engineering of HR software tailor-made to suit your company’s needs. Try a demo of the exemplar low-code solution for your business.

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