Why Is There a Need for Smart Cities?

With the rise of urbanization and evolution, comes the concept of digital transformation. Technology has been a leading element for most transformational activities and ideas that take birth. Over the past few decades, we have witnessed technological advancements being the focal point of every infrastructural development, thus, making the existence of smart cities possible.

Why Switch to Smart Cities?

While the smart city plan is a novel idea, it is also important to understand the advantages and requirements of the concept. Technological advancement is beneficial to humanity, but why do we need smart city initiatives:

  • Growing Population and Quality of Life

    The urban population figures have been continuously making strides over the past few decades and are expected to continue so. This concludes into an ever-increasing need for increment in the capability of our cities to support the livelihood, education, medical care, and basic needs of every citizen. Conventional architecture can be transformed through smart city solutions to make way for the sustainable growth of the human race. A digital future demands optimized distribution of resources and fosters the process of decision-making through data and insights.

  • Economic Stability and Competitiveness

    Our cities are the forefronts of our urban centers. In the next 5 years, the world’s top 600 cities will account for 60% of the global GDP. Running on the fuel of data, smart city engines help in generating better management decisions and hence accelerating the economic status of the city, nation and ultimately, the world.

  • Sustainability

    Chasing excellence in technological advancements often brings the human race to the crossroads of resourcefulness. We look for solutions that nurture our lives and make it easier for us to live on this planet. But what we also have to look at is the grave seriousness of the condition of our home.

Smart city infrastructures take the sustainable development goals in consideration and act upon them. For the efficient growth of urban cities and the population residing therein, it is crucial to use natural resources wisely. So, smart cities are essential for the reduction of tremendous pressure on our resource utilization and the environment.

Smart Solutions for Future Smart Cities

For growing smart city projects, we need seamless technological implementations that can connect the smart cities and realize the dream of sustainable urban evolution. At Crust we believe that open-source can play a crucial role here, so keep an eye out on upcoming news.

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