Why do you need a case management solution?

Gone are the days when case management solutions only served lawyers, doctors and bankers. Today, case management impacts all technology-based offices. Considered to be an indispensable branch of customer service, case management systems combine human tasks with electronic workflow. From incoming applications to grievance redressal, you need a case management solution for your business if you think customer satisfaction is a priority.

A case management software gives your company a unified location to save, track and retrieve all customer data. The database contains everything from billing information to case notes. With instant remedies and case dissolution becoming the hallmark of customer satisfaction, case management solutions give you an instant insight into individual client problems. The software enables agents to readily access product information and client queries, which in turn increases their productivity.

Benefits of Case Management Solutions

American Express claims that 62% of consumers feel that service insight and knowledge is key to a good customer service experience. Case management solutions enable operatives to get a clear insight into all customer-related knowledge. This benefits the business in the following ways-

#1 Increase in revenue

Only a 5% increase in customer retention can increase profits by 25%. Bain has found that companies that provide customers with a positive experience increase their revenues by 4% – 8%, which is higher in comparison to their competition. Corteza’s case management software provides instant insights into accounts, contacts, and cases enabling agents to give customers a smooth service experience. This helps the company retain its clients more efficiently and aid the company’s monetary growth.

#2 Advanced company insights

Corteza’s open-source case management software can provide varied service desk insights into service-related costs and time. The interactive charts offer a clear picture of the key performance indicators (KPI) while the main dashboard can give you details of specific cases. This clear, summarized view of company-related information can help your agents make service decisions on the go.

#3 Relationship Management

Open-source case management software with granular permissions enables operatives to manage all the relationships in the company independent of whether they are inside or outside the firewall.

Salient features of case management software

Service Solution comes with powerful features that can give you flexibility, and make data-management and workflow easier. Here is a list of its most salient features:

#1 Low-code flexibility

Corteza apps are built with low-code. So, this means that you have the flexibility to customize your platforms according to your exact needs. You can add extensions and modules as per your immediate client requirement without investing in another coding solution.

#2 Data management across channels

With workflows, you can automate most office processes. This helps in adding to the productivity of your business.

#3 User-friendly design

A drag-and-drop block-based low-code platform makes the user experience smooth and hassle-free. You simply have to follow the visual cues on the pages to navigate through the software. No extra training needed.

#4 Integration across social media platforms

One of the most lucrative features of open-source case management solutions is their ability to integrate with social media. Your customers don’t have to land on your website to get a query addressed but can do so with the social media platforms they are more comfortable using.

Why Corteza by Crust is the best case management solution for you

Crust offers an exceptional case management solution, built on low-code. This self-hosted solution revitalizes the customer service experience for customers and providers alike.

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