Why Businesses Need To Be Able To Develop Apps Faster Than Ever

With rapid changes in our current business landscape and digital technology, modern organizations are now implementing and integrating more and more software into their day-to-day business processes at an exponentially increasing rate. Furthermore, as market trends and consumer expectations continue to evolve exponentially, your business needs to be able to develop powerful enterprise applications much faster than ever before.

Recent studies have shown that low-code users are 12% more likely to say that their application backlog has improved. Therefore, low-code enterprise application development platforms can help your business substantially expedite enterprise application development processes with powerful and user-friendly features such as drag-and-drop tools, instant mobility, scalability and security tools and much more.

Why Your Business Needs More Efficient Enterprise Application Development:

1) Unified and Accessible Data

Enterprise applications can provide modern businesses with the opportunity to unify all organizational data related to information, various services and business processes. This can help businesses establish and maintain a single, consolidated unit of storage, which can consequently make data accessibility much easier than ever before.

With powerful and integrated enterprise applications, your business will be able to ensure that all relevant stakeholders can easily access important historical organizational data and insights with minimal time delays. This will not only increase employee satisfaction and long-term productivity but will also significantly reduce time wasted attempting to access data.

Therefore, unified and harmonized data can also substantially increase efficiency as your business’s employees will not have to dedicate large amounts of time to gathering and consolidating data from numerous sources. Furthermore, convenient access to a single data repository through enterprise applications can enable your business to leverage the power of automated real-time data analysis to facilitate more informed decision-making processes.

2) Increase Organizational Efficiency and Productivity

Most modern businesses spend a substantial amount of time trying to boost employee productivity and overall organizational efficiency. Therefore, enterprise applications can help substantially increase productivity and efficiency without utilizing large amounts of organizational resources.

Recent studies have shown that automation can increase productivity within a specific department by approximately 14.5%. Enterprise applications can help establish strong cross-departmental communication and collaboration within your organization. They can also ensure seamless employee-management relationships by reducing the risk of potential miscommunications. Enterprise applications can also empower your business to maintain positive communication with customers by increasing data availability and accessibility. This can not only help utilize customer feedback more productively but can also consequently improve consumer experiences in the long run.

Therefore, by introducing and implementing agility and mobility into your business processes, enterprise applications will be able to enhance employee satisfaction, facilitate collaboration and ultimately streamline and optimize various day-to-day business processes.

3) Reduced Risk of Human Error

Manual business processes can result in extremely disastrous human errors that could potentially impact the productivity and profitability of your business in the long run. Furthermore, entering, managing and analyzing data can be an extremely time-consuming and error-prone task. Studies have shown that human errors account for approximately 75% of lost data in the software application industry. As data becomes increasingly commoditized, your business must ensure that historical unstructured organizational data is accurate, reliable and error-free.

Therefore, enterprise applications can help your business implement automation-based systems where data is uploaded and integrated directly from cloud-based databases. Furthermore, your business can ensure real-time updates across numerous enterprise applications to ensure that employees have access to the most accurate and reliable information possible. Enterprise applications can not only eliminate manual data entry processes hence avoiding the risk of human error but can also allow employees to work on higher-level, more intellectually stimulating business processors.

Enterprise applications also avoid wastage of scarce organizational resources spent on rework processes due to human errors caused due to business processes performed manually.

4) Cost-Effective Operations

One of the key benefits of building and implementing enterprise applications into your business’s day-to-day business processes is the option of taking advantage of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning and low-code technology. These technologies can not only help your business facilitate more productive and cost-effective data analysis processes but can also expedite future application development.

Enterprise applications can help your organization implement and manage cost-effective operations due to the wide variety of functionality and development features. Enterprise applications can also help automate various day-to-day business processes that would have otherwise had to have been performed manually by an organizational employee. Furthermore, enterprise applications can also enable modern businesses to create and manage cost-effective promotional campaigns, thus substantially reducing operational costs and consequently increasing profitability.

5) Opportunities For Workflow Automation

With recent advancements in digital technology, workflow automation is becoming increasingly crucial for managing day-to-day business processes. Performing tasks manually can not only utilize large amounts of scarce organizational resources but can also result in human errors that could potentially impact organizational profitability. Therefore, this can result in employees spending a large amount of time engaged in repetitive and time-consuming tasks. This can result in reduced employee satisfaction and reduced overall productivity.

However, developing enterprise applications can provide businesses with a wide variety of opportunities for workflow automation. With powerful enterprise applications, your business will be able to automate various day-to-day organizational tasks such as data integration, customer support and much more.

Planet Crust – Develop Apps Faster Than Ever Before:

With rapid changes in our current business landscape, efficient enterprise application development is more important than ever before. However, creating numerous applications using traditional application development processes can be extremely impractical, time-consuming and expensive. However, low-code platforms can make application development significantly easier and more efficient.

Corteza, created by Planet Crust, is a 100% open-source, low-code platform that can enable your business to create powerful, high-functioning enterprise applications much more efficiently and effectively. Corteza is equipped with API connectivity, data harmonization, and customizable user interfaces.

Try a trial now so that your business can take advantage of the various benefits of low-code platforms to build enterprise applications faster than ever before.

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